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Google adwords-reporting Exam -

Free adwords-reporting Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Doug is a Google AdWords consultant to a client who is using conversion tracking. The client's goal is to bring web visitors to his website, and to get the clients sign up for a free newsletter. The client does not sell a product or service as a result of the conversion, but only the free newsletter is offered. The client has asked Doug to calculate the return on investment, for the conversions that have been made as a result of the Google AdWords campaign. If the client is not selling a product or service, how can Doug find the return on investment?
A. Doug needs to know what the final cost of the newsletter would be.
B. You can't track the ROI if there's nothing for sale as a result of the conversion.
C. Doug needs to know the product cost of the client, to find the return on investment.
D. Doug would need to know the value of the newsletter.
Answer: D

Q: 2
Kenny is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant for a client who sells printing services over the web. Kenny has designed the website, completed SEO work on the site, helped the client with Google AdWords, and has just today installed the Google Analytics tracking code throughout the site.
A few hours after the installation of Google Analytics code, Kenny can't see the statistics in Google Analytics about the client's site. What do you suspect is the cause of problem?
A. Kenny won't see statistics on the client's site - only the client can access their statistics in Google Analytics.
B. The client's site probably hasn't had any visitors yet.
C. Kenny should wait for at least 24 hours before expecting to see the statistics generated.
D. Kenny won't see the statistics on the client's site because he's also using Google AdWords.
Answer: C

Q: 3
Mark is configured Google Analytics for his blog. Mark does not sell any products on his blog as he uses it to market his public speaking business. Mark would, however, like to assign a dollar value for customers that complete the 'contact me' field on his website to track return on investment for the marketing he has done to bring people to the site. If Mark considers each lead worth $50 what field in the configuration of the goals in Google Analytics would Mark add the $50 value to?
A. Mark does not have an e-commerce enabled website but he can enter 25 in the "goal completion" field and know the points are actually $25 towards his ROI.
B. Mark can enter 2500 in the 'metric goal' field in the Google Analytics configuration and then choose "dollars" in the currency value.
C. Mark can simply enter $25 in the 'goal value' field in the Google Analytics configuration of the goal he has created for the 'contact me' form on his website.
D. Mark does not have an e-commerce enabled website he would not be able to track dollar amounts through Google Analytics.
Answer: C

Q: 4
Marsha is reviewing a report she's created for her client's blog. In the client's blog, Marsha keeps the latest twenty posts on the home page and the older posts are inside the blog. If users want to view older posts, they can click on 'archives' button for more posts. Marsha is trying to convince the client that the colors and the artwork are drab and make the blog unappealing to visitors. In the report, however, Marsha is noticing a high bounce rate for the blog. Based on this information, what do you suspect is the problem?
A. The tracking code doesn't work for blogs - only for static pages.
B. All pages in the blog need to have the tracking code installed, not just the home page.
C. The poorly designed site is showing that people are leaving the site because the colors are drab and boring.
D. The bounce rate is reflective of the primary home page for the blog - there's not much reason for users to go deeper into the blog.
Answer: D

Q: 5
Ed is reviewing the money he has spent on Google AdWords and comparing it to the revenue that it has generated. If Ed has spent $8,000 on advertising and earned $21,000 from the sales as a result of the advertising, what is his return on investment?
A. $21,000
B. 162.5 percent
C. $13,000
D. 16.25 percent
Answer: B

Q: 6
You have a website that informs readers about your business, offers a newsletter signup form, allows readers to purchase software online, and includes a "contact us" form so visitors can askfor more information. Which conversion tracking purpose would be most appropriate for your web page "contact us" if you wanted to track statistics?
A. Leads
B. Sign-ups
C. Other
D. View of a key page
Answer: A

Q: 7
Joan is about to enroll in the Google AdWords for her travel agency for her European business. She wants to target clients throughout Europe using English, Spanish, French, and Flemish ads. Which of the following is the best advice you could offer Joan about Google AdWords, to target multiple languages?
A. Create four ad groups - one for each language.
B. Create four ads - one for each language.
C. Create four campaigns - one for each language.
D. Use English only, as it's the most common of the four languages she's targeting.
Answer: C

Q: 8
If you wanted to create a keyword for your Google AdWords campaign for pink umbrellas using an exact match then which of the following would you choose?
A. Pink umbrellas
B. "pink umbrellas"
C. "pink+umbrellas"
D. [pink umbrellas]
Answer: D

Q: 9
You are a consultant to a company that sells phone accessories online. They've hired you to help them market their website; part of your services is to manage Google Analytics for the client. You now need to create a filter for the client's work and you want to use a filter to help organize the data. Google Analytics provides three predefined filters. Which one of the following is not an example of predefined filter in Google Analytics?
A. Excluding trading from a specific IP address
B. Traffic to a subdirectory
C. User logins
D. Excluding traffic from domains
Answer: C

Q: 10
You are working with an online sporting goods store in your city to organize and refine their Google AdWords strategy. The store manager has created different ads under one campaign and is resisting the idea of multiple campaigns to manage in Google AdWords. Which of the following is a reason to create separate campaigns for different products the store offers?
A. Multiple campaigns will reduce the cost per click.
B. Multiple campaigns allow the store to target multiple countries.
C. Only with multiple campaigns can the store use the geographical locations.
D. With multiple campaigns in one account you can set different daily budgets.
Answer: D

Q: 11
Ronnie has created a mobile phone application that people can download to their mobile phones.
The application is a calendaring service that shows people what bands are playing at different nightclubs in their cities. Ronnie would like to target his ads to show only in the evening because that's when people, he believes, are making plans to see different bands. How can Ronnie schedule his Google AdWords ads to run in the evening hours only?
A. Ronnie will click his ad, select Settings, select Advanced Setting, Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling, and click create
B. Ronnie will click his ad, select Settings, select Advanced Setting, Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling, and click Edit
C. Ronnie will click his campaign, select Settings, select Advanced Setting, Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling, and click Create
D. Ronnie will click his campaign, select Settings, and select Advanced Setting, Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling, and click Edit
Answer: D

Q: 12
Alice is a Google AdWords consultant for the HNN Company. She has created several ads for a campaign for her client and has configured tracking for performance and conversions. Her client wants to know why Alice is so interested in conversions because a sale is a sale. The client believes that as long as the sale is greater than the cost of the ad, everything's fine.
Which of the following is the best reason to track performance and conversions for the client?
A. Alice can see from where people are clicking.
B. Alice can see which clicks are most valuable.
C. Alice can see how good of a job she's doing.
D. Alice can see when people are buying products.
Answer: C

Q: 13
You are a Search Engine Marketing consultant for a company that sells sunglasses online.
The company has asked you to help them install and configure Google Analytics. During the Google Analytics configuration you tell the client that you can create three types of goals for their website to track goal completion. Which one of the following is not one of the goals you can configure with Google Analytics?
A. URL destination goal
B. Time on site goal
C. Pages per visit
D. Referrers
Answer: D

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