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CompTIA XK0-002 Exam -

Free XK0-002 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following RAID configurations is BEST for a streaming-video server where reliability is not important?
Answer: A

2. A user needs to attach a Linux laptop to a wireless access point using 802.11b. Which of the following applications would allow the user to configure the wired equivalent privacy (WEP) key?
B. wlancfg
C. wl-keygen
D. netconfig
Answer: B

3. An update CD-ROM for a distribution contains the latest RPMs for all packages that they provide. Which of the following is the BEST command to use to update all of the existing RPMs on a server without making any other changes?
A. rpm -F /mnt/cdrom/RPMS/*.rpm
B. rpm -i /mnt/cdrom/RPMS/*.rpm
C. rpm -update /mnt/cdrom/RPMS/*.rpm
D. rpm --update /mnt/cdrom/RPMS/*.rpm
Answer: A

4. Which of the following commands is used to obtain the summary of mounted hard drive partitions?
A. df
B. fsck
C. ls -la
D. fdisk -l
Answer: A

5. A technician created a new directory for use by a user "User12". User12 is unable to create new files or subdirectories within this new directory. Using the ls command, the technician observes the following:
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 May 24 13:11 dirname
Which of the following is the BEST way to enable User12 to use the directory without letting other users manipulate its content?
A. chmod 700 dirname
B. chown dirname User12
C. chgrp User12 dirname
D. chown User12:User12 dirname
Answer: D

6. Which of the following runlevels is generally used to ensure the Linux server will boot into full multi-user mode without starting X Windows?
A. 0
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: B

7. A user is editing a file in vi and wants to run the command ps -aux without leaving vi. Which of the following commands will do this?
A. :# ps -aux
B. :! ps -aux
C. :// ps -aux
D. :cmd ps -aux
Answer: B

8. Which of the following Linux files is used to assign users to groups?
A. /usr/group
B. /etc/group
C. /etc/users
D. /etc/passwd
Answer: B

9. If the command below is executed in a user's home directory, which of the following would be accomplished?
echo hello >> allusers
A. Sends the message 'hello' to all users on the system
B. Creates a new file called 'hello' and sends it to all users
C. Sends the message 'hello' to all currently logged in users
D. Appends 'hello' to the end of the file allusers, if it exists
Answer: D

10. In which subdirectory of the Apache root should scripts be placed?
A. bin
B. htbin
C. htdocs
D. cgi-bin
Answer: D

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