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VMware VCPC510 Exam -

Free VCPC510 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which two network settings are only available with vSphere Distributed Switches (Choose Two)?
A. Ingress Traffic Shaping
B. Egress Traffic Shaping
C. Route based on physical NIC load
D. Route based on the originating virtual port ID
Answer: A,C

Q: 2
Which three network types are supported by vCloud Director? (Choose three.)
A. External networks
B. Organization vDC networks
C. vApp networks
D. Internal networks
E. Fenced Networks
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 3
What are three valid objects to place in a vSphere vApp? (Choose three.)
A. Folders
B. Hosts
C. Resource pools
D. vApps
E. Virtual machines
Answer: C,D,E

Q: 4
What are two benefits of using catalogs in vCD? (Choose two.)
A. Catalogs enable stage management by allowing teams from different organizations access to selected resources.
B. Catalogs feature lease information so that consumers can only deploy for a specific period of time.
C. Catalogs contain embedded cost models so that consumers know the costs of catalog items.
D. Catalogs enable grouping of consumable items within the cloud.
Answer: A,D

Q: 5
Which two resources must be in place prior to creating a new Provider vDC? (Choose two.)
A. vCloud External Network
B. vCenter Datastore
C. vCenter Resource Pool
D. vShield Protection Group
Answer: B,C

Q: 6
Your network administrator is planning to upgrade a physical switch. The ESXi interface vmnic1 is connected to this switch and will be impacted. ESXi interface vmnic2 is connected to the same virtual switch as vmnic1 and is also connected to a physical switch that is not being impacted.
What must you do on the impacted virtual switch to avoid network interruption?
A. Change the traffic shaping policy and set vmnic2 is active
B. Edit switch configuration and set vmnic1 as down and vmnic2 as up
C. Edit the switch settings, changing vmnic1 to unused and vmnic2 to active
D. Edit the switch Failover Detection policy to automatically fail to vmnic2
Answer: C

Q: 7
Which portgroup security setting allows for VMs to receive all network traffic including frames sent to other virtual machines?
A. Forged Transmits
B. Promiscuous Mode
C. Forward All Mode
D. MAC Address Changes
Answer: B

Q: 8
Maintenance is planned on a vCenter Server that is under vCloud Director control during an upcoming outage window. There are no other components with allowed downtime.
Which course of action is required to allow the remainder of the vCD environment to operate without interruption?
A. Disable the vCenter Server which has planned maintenance from the System Settings tab.
B. Put the management cluster in Maintenance Mode on vCenter Server.
C. Disable the vCenter Server which has planned maintenance from the Manage & Monitor tab.
D. Place the vCenter Server in Maintenance Mode on the Manage and Monitor tab.
Answer: C

Q: 9
Where does the guarantee take place when configuring a Pay-As-You-Go Organization vDC and setting Memory resources guaranteed?
A. The Provider vDC.
B. The resource pool.
C. The VM.
D. The cluster.
Answer: C

Q: 10
An existing network isolation-backed network pool has been fully provisioned (100 out of 100 networks have been deployed).
How can an administrator provide greater capacity for a fully provisioned vApp network?
A. Edit the properties of the vSphere Distributed Switch to increase the number of configured PVLANs.
B. Remove any configured vApp networks and re-create a larger network pool.
C. Increase the number of vCloud isolated networks in the network pool properties.
D. Create a new network pool and attach it to the organization VDC.
Answer: C

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