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VMware VCP-310 Exam -

Free VCP-310 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which is a valid traffic shaping adjustment?
A. average bandwidth adjusted in Kbps
B. average bandwidth adjusted in Mbps
C. maximum bandwidth adjusted in Kbps
D. maximum bandwidth adjusted in Mbps
E. burst bandwidth adjusted in Kbps
Answer: A

Q: 2 Which three attributes can you specify when creating a resource pool for CPU or Memory? (Choose three.)
A. Reservation
B. Limited
C. Number of shares
D. Limit
E. Maximum bandwidth
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 3 Which statement is true about VirtualCenter and the License Server?
A. VirtualCenter cannot be installed without an operational License Server online.
B. If deploying a License Server is not desirable, VirtualCenter can be installed using a host-based license file.
C. The License Server must be installed during VirtualCenter installation and must always run on the same server as VirtualCenter.
D. The License Server may be installed on a separate machine, but VirtualCenter requires a server-based license.
Answer: D

Q: 4 Which statement is true about resource pools?
A. They may contain one or more child VMware HA clusters.
B. They may contain one or more child resource pools.
C. They may aggregate groups of resource pools.
D. They may contain one or more child DRS clusters.
Answer: B

Q: 5 Which statement is true about running an ESX Server virtual machine on a CIFS share?
A. ESX Server must be granted as a trusted member of the CIFS server.
B. ESX Server does not support datastore on CIFS.
C. ESX Server requires gigabit Ethernet adapter in order for CIFS to be used as datastore.
D. ESX Server must be on the same LAN as the CIFS server.
Answer: B

Q: 6 A user has been given access to VirtualCenter using the Virtual Infrastructure Client to administer virtual machines. What else can the user do?
A. log on to the VirtualCenter server
B. log on to any ESX Server managed by VirtualCenter
C. log on to the VirtualCenter server if an administrator grants the Permit Web Access privilege
D. log on to the VirtualCenter server and any ESX Server managed by VirtualCenter
Answer: A

Q: 7 What must be done to allow customization of Windows virtual machines that are deployed from templates?
A. The location of the sysprep.exe must be specified in config.ini.
B. Nothing needs to be done as the VirtualCenter installer automatically locates and installs Sysprep components.
C. Sysprep must be downloaded from Microsoft and installed on the VirtualCenter server.
D. A sysprep.inf file must be created in a text editor and imported using the customization wizard.
Answer: C

Q: 8 Which three statements are true about shared storage capabilities on NFS volumes supported by ESX Server? (Choose three.)
A. You can use VMotion.
B. You can create VMFS datastore on NFS mounted volumes.
C. You can create virtual machines on NFS mounted volumes.
D. You can boot virtual machines stored on NFS mounted volumes.
E. You can configure ESX Server to boot from NFS mounted volumes.
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 9 A company decides to use a license server for a newly installed Virtual Infrastructure. The infrastructure consists of one VirtualCenter server and two ESX Server hosts, each with two dual core CPUs. DRS, VMware HA and VMotion will be used on all hosts.
How many license files need to be installed on the license server?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 7
E. 25
Answer: A

Q: 10 Which two statements are true about virtual switches in ESX Server? (Choose two.)
A. Virtual switches can be created with or without physical NICs.
B. Virtual switches cannot be created without physical NICs.
C. A VMotion port group must not be created on a virtual switch used for virtual machine traffic.
D. A service console port group can be created on a virtual switch used for virtual machine traffic.
Answer: A, D

Q: 11 In a resource-constrained environment, which ESX Server memory conservation technique has the LEAST negative effect on the performance of a running virtual machine?
A. vmmemctl
B. using the .vswp file
C. Transparent Page Sharing
D. lowering the Reservation variable
Answer: C

Q: 12 Which three tasks can a Resource Pool Administrator perform? (Choose three.)
A. create a new virtual machine in the resource pool
B. change the resource pool resource limits
C. create a new template from a virtual machine
D. modify assigned licenses
E. add a port group to a virtual switch
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 13 A company decides to replace one 8-CPU host with four dual-CPU hosts. This Virtual Infrastructure uses server-based licensing. How many new licenses will be required?
A. 0
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
Answer: A

Q: 14 What is the minimum supported hardware requirement to run a VirtualCenter server?
A. 512 MB RAM unless running a database server on the same machine
B. 2 GHz CPU
C. 150 MB free disk space
D. at least one Gigabit Ethernet adapter
Answer: B

Q: 15 What are the three configurable security policy exceptions for a virtual switch? (Choose three.)
A. promiscuous mode
B. traffic shaping
C. MAC address change
D. Spanning Tree Protocol
E. forged transmits
Answer: A, C, E

Q: 16 You have determined that a virtual machine (VM) is having performance problems because it does not have enough CPU resources available. Which two methods could you use to guarantee this VM gets 100% of a CPU on the host when it needs it? (Choose two.)
A. set CPU affinity on that virtual machine, pinning it to a CPU 1
B. set the CPU reservation for this VM to 100%
C. set CPU affinity on that VM, pinning it to CPU 1 and set CPU affinity on all other VMs so that they specifically cannot use CPU 1
D. set the CPU limit for this VM to 100%
Answer: B, C

Q: 17 Which is a valid reason NOT to set affinity on a single virtual machine (VM)?
A. Affinity settings are ignored as part of a VMotion
B. Affinity can only be set on hyperthreaded systems.
C. A VM with affinity might not receive 100 percent of the CPU.
D. Setting affinity will monopolize a CPU making it unusable for other VMs on the server.
Answer: C

Q: 18 What is the maximum virtual disk size on a VMFS-3 volume?
A. 512 GB
B. 1 TB
C. 2 TB
D. 3.6 TB
Answer: C

Q: 19 What are the two possible storage multipathing policies that you can set on an ESX Server 3.0? (Choose two.)
A. Most Recently Used (MRU)
B. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
C. Persistent Binding
D. Fixed
E. Dynamic Load Balancing
Answer: A, D

Q: 20 On an ESX Server managed by VirtualCenter, you create a new user and assign this user Administrator Privileges. Which privileges will that user have on the ESX Server cluster in which this server resides?
A. Administrator
B. Virtual Machine Administrator
C. Cluster User
D. None
Answer: D

Q: 21 On the DRS cluster, which three steps are part of the process of creating a virtual machine (VM) in VirtualCenter 2.x? (Choose three.)
A. choose whether you are creating a "Typical" or "Custom" VM
B. select the group folder within the server farm in which you want the VM to reside
C. select the resource pool in which you want to run the VM
D. connect the CD-ROM drive to your OS disk image
E. select a datastore in which to store the VM files
Answer: A, C, E

Q: 22 During ESX Server 3.0 installation, selecting "Create a default network for virtual machines" will cause virtual machines to _____.
A. share a port group on VLAN 1
B. share an internal only virtual switch
C. share a network adapter with the service console
D. share a bond with all available network adapters
Answer: C

Q: 23 Which problem is MOST likely to be due to bad physical memory?
A. slow performance
B. virtual machines not starting
C. VMkernel panics
D. errors on virtual machines' virtual SCSI buses
Answer: C

Q: 24 Which three are valid network load balancing policies? (Choose three.)
A. route based on destination MAC hash
B. route based on source and destination IP hash
C. route based on the originating virtual port ID
D. route based on explicit failover order
E. route based on source and destination MAC hash
Answer: B, C, D

Q: 25 Which three VirtualCenter roles, by default, have permission to create an alarm? (Choose three.)
A. Virtual Machine Power User
B. Resource Pool Administrator
C. Virtual Machine Administrator
D. Datacenter Administrator
E. Alarm Administrator
Answer: B, C, D

Q: 26 Which statement is true about the installation of Virtual Infrastructure Web Access?
A. It is always installed on ESX Server and VirtualCenter.
B. It is always installed on ESX Server and is optional on VirtualCenter.
C. It is always installed on VirtualCenter and is optional on ESX Server.
D. It is optional on both ESX Server and VirtualCenter.
Answer: B

Q: 27 What is the purpose of resource shares?
A. to set guaranteed maximum resource usage
B. to set guaranteed minimum resource usage
C. to prioritize resources when total resources are scarce
D. to prevent starting virtual machines when resources are scarce
Answer: C

Q: 28 A VirtualCenter login that worked correctly in the past is suddenly no longer working. It fails to authenticate with the previous login ID. Assuming there are no network problems and that all servers are up and running, where is the problem located?
A. in the user's account properties in Active Directory
B. in the VirtualCenter database's security tables
C. in the VirtualCenter management server's security functionality
D. in the Virtual Infrastructure client's security configuration settings
E. in the VirtualCenter management agent on the host
Answer: A

Q: 29 An alarm in VirtualCenter can be configured to perform which three actions? (Choose three.)
A. run a script
B. reboot a virtual machine
C. send an e-mail
D. reboot an ESX Server
E. disable the balloon driver
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 30 You are experiencing traffic overload on an Uplink network adapter.
Which three actions can be taken to reduce the overload? (Choose three.)
A. configure traffic shaping to reduce contention
B. move virtual machines to other VLAN port groups on the same vSwitch
C. add NIC teaming to increase the available bandwidth
D. move virtual machines to other vSwitches to reduce contention
E. add the VMkernel TCP/IP networking stack to improve performance
Answer: A, C, D

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