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Trend Micro TM1-101 Exam -

Free TM1-101 Sample Questions:

1. Which two statements accurately describe functions and components of Tier 3 in the ServerProtect architecture? (Choose two.)
A.It is comprised of Normal Servers.
B.It is comprised of Information Servers.
C.It stores all information for Normal Servers.
D.It is comprised of the Management Console.
E.It runs the ServerProtect scanning component.
F.It centrally manages multiple file servers and domains.
Answer: AE

2. What type of connection does Trend Micro recommend between an EMC Celerra File Server and the ServerProtect server?
A.T1 line
B.1 Gbps
C.10 Mbps
D.100 Mbps
E.256 KB Relay
Answer: B

3. Which statement is true about ServerProtect domains?
A.One Information Server manages each domain.
B.ServerProtect domains are the same as Windows NT domains.
C.All Normal Servers within a network must share a common domain.
D.Each ServerProtect domain is managed by a unique Management Console.
Answer: A

4. When you arrange the sequence of functions in a task, which function must be listed last?
A.Scan Now
B.Deploy function
C.Purge Logs function
D.Generate Virus-Scanning Statistics
Answer: B

5. Which scan type is used by the Default Scan task?
A.TSC Scan
B.File-type Scan
C.Scheduled Scan
D.Profile-based Scan
Answer: C

6. Which file or directory should be placed in the Exclusion List?
A.all *.ini files
B.all *.tmp files
E.all compressed files (*.zip, *.arj, and *.lhz)
Answer: D

7. How many methods of notification can be used to send alert messages for the same event? method per event
B.three methods per event
C.up to half of the methods available
D.all methods can be used for any event
Answer: D

8. Your company has recently reorganized and moved three branch offices into a new region. You want to reorganize the groupings of Normal Servers connected to the network to match this corporate reorganization.
Which menu should you use from the ServerProtect Management Console to make this change?
F.Information Server
Answer: D

9. You are a new anti-virus specialist for a large company. You are in charge of a domain of NetWare-based servers called NETWARE.
One of the first actions that you need to perform is to update the scan engine. When you log on to the Management Console, you do not see any of the servers you need to update.
What can you do to manage your servers?
A.On each NetWare server, you manually load the spnwsvc.nlm.
B.In the Management Console, you remove the NETWARE domain from the filtered domains list.
C.In the Management Console, you create a new domain and add each of the NetWare machines as Normal Servers in that domain.
D.On each NetWare server, you extract hotfix.ini and lprotect.nlm from the file. You extract these two files to the \Sprotect\Hotfix\NW\ folder.
Answer: B

10. After you roll back a virus-pattern and program update, the version numbers shown on the Update screen are incorrect. Why are the version numbers incorrect?
A.The Update page needs to be refreshed.
B.The Information Server is not communicating with the Normal Server. The connection between the servers may be terminated, or the Normal Server may have gone down.
C.The rollback failed because the previous versions of the virus-pattern file and the program file are corrupted, and ServerProtect requires a valid virus-pattern file and program file.
D.The Update screen shows the version of the files that are saved on the Information Server. During a rollback, ServerProtect instructs the Normal Server to roll back to the previous version of program and pattern files.
Answer: D

11. Which three features are available in ServerProtect version 5.x? (Choose three.)
A.spam filter
B.built-in firewall
C.Trojan System Cleaner
D.Central Quarantine tool
E.the ability to design customized tasks
F.Centralized Management tool that allows control of all Trend Micro products connected to the network
Answer: CDE

12. Which two functions on a Novell NetWare server can be set up using the Deny Write List function in ServerProtect? (Choose two.)
A.limiting access to Normal Servers
B.denying access to the SYS volume
C.preventing users from modifying certain files
D.generating reports of denied access attempts
E.authorizing users to modify selected directories
Answer: CE

13. Which function is possible with the Central Quarantine tool in ServerProtect?
A.generate a log of all quarantined files on all Normal Servers
B.move quarantined files from several different Normal Servers into a file on one Normal Server
C.delete quarantined files when the central quarantine repository reaches a pre-determined size
D.move quarantined files from several different Normal Servers into a single file on the Information Server
Answer: B

14. Which function is possible using the Network Trap tool in ServerProtect?
A.create a BAIT folder to attract viruses
B.prevent viruses from spreading across the network
C.isolate viruses and malware to prevent destructive actions
D.set up alerts to send automatic notifications when an unauthorized user accesses certain predetermined folders
Answer: A

15. What types of files are located inside the BAIT folder?
A.infected files
B.files that viruses tend to target and infect templates that attract and eliminate viruses
D.Trojans that are found by the Trojan System Cleaner
Answer: B

16. When ServerProtect detects an infected file, which three actions can you configure the software to initiate? (Choose three.)
A.bypass or ignore the file
B.clean and restore the file
C.return the infected file to the user
D.delete the infected file automatically
E.send the infected file to the BAIT folder
F.shut down the server where the file is found
G.delete the backup file that was made before cleaning
Answer: ABD

17. Which three options can be included in ServerProtect statistical reports? (Choose three.) viruses found infected users
C.number of spam messages found
D.frequency of infection sorted by virus type number of non-cleanable viruses found
F.number of unauthorized access entry attempts for a selected period of time
Answer: ABE

18. Which three notification methods are available in ServerProtect? (Choose three.)
A.numeric pager
B.Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) message message using computer voice simulation
D.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap
Answer: ABD

19. Which two functions are performed by the ServerProtect Management Console? (Choose two.)
A.stores information from the Normal Servers
B.centrally controls multiple file servers and domains
C.scans files and programs that reside on all connected servers
D.generates virus-incident reports from all ServerProtect servers
Answer: BD

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