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Teradata TE0-125 Exam -

Free TE0-125 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A project team decides to run in ANSI mode. Which three are ANSI mode characteristics and not Teradata mode characteristics? (Choose three.)
A. The default for CREATE TABLE is MULTISET table.
B. A transaction is committed only by an explicit COMMIT.
C. It must code with BT ET to establish transaction boundaries.
D. The DDL statement must be the last statement in the transaction.
E. The default attribute for character comparisons is CASESPECIFIC.
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 2
Which two are considerations of the ODBC interface and Unicode data with the Teradata Database? (Choose two.)
A. Passwords are converted to Unicode when stored in theTeradata Database.
B. The EBCDIC session character set is supported for the Unicode ODBC driver.
C. For Unicode character columns, the largestColumnSize is 64,000 characters.
D. Large Objects (LOBs) defined with the Unicode character set are limited to approximately 1 GB.
Answer: B, C

Q: 3
Which two are considerations for Unicode data and the Teradata Database? (Choose two.)
A. Password controls can use the Unicode character set.
B. Linux C library wide-character routines are used to manipulate Unicode strings.
C. A VARCHAR column defined with a Unicode character set has a maximum of 64,000 characters.
D. The V versions of Data Dictionary views access the Unicode object name fields without conversion.
Answer: B, C

Q: 4
Prior to implementing an active application, which capacity planning metric must be planned for before the application achieves full production status?
A. the number of users
B. the number of views used by the application
C. the number of macros used by the application
D. maximum query text size used by the application
E. concurrency of all-AMP operations during peak period used by the application
Answer: C

Q: 5
Which two resources may be leveraged to analyze CPU utilization for a transaction? (Choose wo.)
A. DBC.Acctg
B. DBC.ResNode
C. DBC.AccessLog
E. DBC.ResUsageScpu
Answer: C, E

Q: 6
Which component of a dual systems architecture provides query routing between systems?
A. Dual Load
B. Teradata Manager
C. Data Replication
D. Teradata Query Director
E. Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager
Answer: E

Q: 7
What are three physical model objects that can improve active access performance?
A. Primary Key definitions, Foreign Key definitions, and Key update frequency
B. Primary Index definitions, PPI definitions, and Multi-Value Compression (MVC)
C. Primary Key definitions, Key update frequency, and Multi-Value Compression (MVC)
D. Primary Index definitions, Multi-Value Compression (MVC), and Physical table normalization
Answer: D

Q: 8
Which feature potentially eliminates joins between tables without any overhead to the aintenance jobs for those tables?
A. Join Index
B. summary tables
D. Soft Referential Integrity
Answer: A

Q: 9
A user wants to create a Multi-level Partitioned Primary Index (MLPPI). Which three types of tables can be used? (Choose three.)
A. Queue Table
B. Volatile Table
C. Permanent Table
D. Global Temporary Table
E. Global Temporary Trace Table
Answer: C, D, E

Q: 10
A user wants to store data and collect statistics on that data. Which type of table should be used?
A. Spool Table
B. Journal Table
C. Derived Table
D. Global Temporary Table
Answer: B

Q: 11
Which three statements are true about loading a SET table in Teradata? (Choose three.)
A. FastLoad performs a duplicate row check.
B. A NUPI may slow down INSERTs for a SET table.
C. There are no limitations when loading to a SET table.
D. SET tables during aMultiLoad are limited to 16 indexes.
E. A duplicate row check is performed when a row is inserted into a SET table.
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 12
Which BTEQ command is utilized to specify whether transaction boundaries are determined by Teradata SQL semantics or ANSI semantics?
A. indicdata
B. sessions
C. recordmode
D. sessioncharset
E. session semantics
F. session transaction
Answer: C

Q: 13
When planning to implement a new active application, what information should be provided to the warehouse administration team to plan for workload management?
A. a presentation of the service level agreements
B. a presentation of the application user interface
C. a presentation of the metrics used by the application
D. a presentation of closed issuesraised during development
Answer: C

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