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Tibco TB0-119 Exam -

Free TB0-119 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which two types of repositories are available when creating a TIBCO Administrator domain? (Choose two.)
A. Files Repository
B. Database Repository
C. LDAP Repository
D. AES Secured Repository
E. Cloud Repository
Answer: D, E

Q: 2
Which three resources can be retrieved using the Retrieve Resources activity? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 3
Which two actions should be performed if the JVM crashes when the installer starts? (Choose two.)
A. verify network access to
B. verify that the javahome directory contains bin/java.exe or bin/java
C. run the installer with parameter -update JVM
D. run the installer using another JVM version
Answer: B, D

Q: 4
A process with a Wait For JMS Topic Message activity receives several out-of-memory errors. After debugging, you discover that this process receives a large number of events with no Candidate Key mathces. Which action is the most likely to correct this problem?
A. reduce the size of the LRU cache in the Advanced tab of the Wait For JMS Topic Message activity
B. configure a shorter process timeout in the Input tab of the Wait For JMS Topic Message activity
C. configure a shorter event timeout in the Message Event tab of the Wait For JMS Topic Message activity
D. specity "match-any" as the Candidate Key for this Wait For JMS Topic Message activity
Answer: C

Q: 5
How can custom engine properties be exposed in the TIBCO Administrator during deployment?
A. modify the bwengine.xml file on the deployment target machine
B. set in the TIBCO Administrator TRA file
C. set in the TIBCO Administrator TRA file
D. modify the bwengine.xml file on the machine where you create the EAR file
Answer: D

Q: 6
The Accumulate Output feature for loops accumulates the output for which activities?
A. the last executed activity in the loop
B. any map activity in the loop
C. a selected activity in the loop
D. all activities in the loop
Answer: C

Q: 7
In which activity can the HTTP Connection Resource be used?
A. SOAP Event Source
B. GetDownload
C. WebMail Receiver
D. TCP Receiver
Answer: A

Q: 8
What is used to most effectively pass data into a sub-process without changing the process's interface?
A. Java thread-local storage
B. Global Variables
C. Process Variables
D. Job Shared Variables
E. Shared Variables
Answer: D

Q: 9
Click the Exhibit button.
(The exhibit is not available in this Demo)
How would you map the "any" data in Activity A to a structured object in Activity B?
A. use Choice
B. use Typecast
C. use Coercion
D. use Automap
Answer: C

Q: 10
What is the default HTTP server implementation in ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks?
D. Pramati
Answer: D

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