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Tibco TB0-118 Exam -

Free TB0-118 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Within TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator, which three can have logging enabled? (Choose three.)
A. ActiveMatrix host
B. ActiveMatrix environment
C. ActiveMatrix node
D. ActiveMatrix composite application
E. ActiveMatrix enterprise
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 2
A company wants to automate its interactions with its partners. Which product is best suited for this purpose?
A. TIBCO Business Studio
B. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid
C. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
D. TIBCO BusinessConnect
E. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which two transaction policies are supported by TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus? (Choose two.)
A. JDBC transaction
B. managed transaction
C. XA transaction
D. single resource transaction
E. transacted one-way
Answer: C,D

Q: 4
What are two properties of a push-based cached composite service? (Choose two.)
A. Responses require the invocation of all underlying services.
B. Underlying services are not required.
C. Underlying services are not impacted when the composite responds to requests.
D. Responses are provided from information private to the service.
Answer: C,D

Q: 5
Which measurement determines if the Recovery Time Objective is being achieved?
A. Mean Time Between Failures
B. Mean Time to Repair
C. Maximum Time to Repair
D. Number of Failures/Time
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which statement best characterizes the IT architecture for a solution?
A. It defines the set of products, technologies, programming tools, and coding standards to be used to implement a solution.
B. It is a compilation of user features required for the solution.
C. It defines the structure of a solution (communication mechanisms, components) suitable for the present purpose.
D. It provides a generic framework, such as an application server, that is suitable for solving any common business problem.
Answer: B

Q: 7
Which two statements are true about the Total Architecture approach to system, data, and business process integration? (Choose two.)
A. Total Architecture provides business benefit by Web Service enabling relevant interfaces and business processes in the enterprise.
B. Today's business solutions combine data, events, processes and people, which Total Architecture must consider when designing a suitable solution.
C. Total Architecture ensures that the solution is suitable for its intended purpose but adaptable to changes in the business process it supports.
D. Total Architecture provides a generic framework that is suitable for implementing the range of common business processes.
Answer: B,C

Q: 8
Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)
A. An ActiveMatrix host can manage multiple ActiveMatrix nodes.
B. An ActiveMatrix host can manage multiple ActiveMatrix environments.
C. An ActiveMatrix environment can contain multiple ActiveMatrix nodes.
D. An ActiveMatrix node can contain multiple ActiveMatrix Administrators.
E. A TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server can support multiple ActiveMatrix environments.
Answer: A,C,E

Q: 9
A solution needs to update a backend database with a JDBC interface. Which TIBCO ActiveMatrix component should you recommend?
A. ActiveMatrix Mediation implementation type
B. ActiveMatrix Spring implementation type
C. ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
D. ActiveMatrix WebApp implementation type
Answer: C

Q: 10
A service has an inbound SOAP/HTTP binding. There is no external load balancer available. The invocation overhead under extremely high load volumes causes requests to queue for dispatch.
What is the recommended way to improve request dispatch concurrency?
A. deploy additional service instances to handle the request load
B. use policies to specify the thread pool management
C. implement a flow-control policy set to limit the rate of incoming requests
D. change from a SOAP binding to a virtualization binding
Answer: B

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