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Symantec ST0-237 Exam -

Free ST0-237 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are monitoring a file system on a Solaris operating system using Veritas Volume Manager when the following kernel message appears: WARNING. msgcnt x: mesg 069: V-2-69: memory usage specified by the vxfs:vxfs_ninode and vxfs:vx_bc_bufhwm parameters exceeds available memory; the system may hang under heavy load. You need to resolve this error.
What should you do?
A. Increase the value of one or both parameters to 100% of physical memory or to 100% of kernel virtual memory
B. Remove either the physical memory parameter or the kernel virtual memory parameter.
C. Leave the parameters at current levels and disregard the system message because it is a false message.
D. Reduce the value of one or both parameters to less than 50% of physical memory or to 66% of kernel virtual memory
Answer: D

Q: 2
You have a nonredundant concatenated volume named datavol in a disk group named datadg. The volume has a file system on it. One of the underlying disks of the volume called datadg02 fails temporarily due to a power failure. You fix the problem of the power failure, and ensure that the disk is powered back again. You ensure that both the system and VxVM can see the disk again. Then, you reattach the disk back to the disk media record.
Which command will you execute next to be able to run fsck on the file system?
A. vxvol –g datadg start datavol
B. vxrecover –s datavol
C. vxrecover -ns
D. vxvol –g datadg –f start datavol
Answer: D

Q: 3
A DLP administrator needs to configure an Automated Response rule that can execute while endusers are off the corporate network.
Which response rule condition will enable the administrator to accomplish this task?
A. Endpoint Location
B. Endpoint Device
C. Protocol or Endpoint Destination
D. Sender/User Matches Pattern
Answer: A

Q: 4
You have already removed a mirror from volume using vxassist command. After removing a mirror you will be left with only one mirror. However, you need to have at least two mirrors on a volume.
What should you do to resolve this situation?
A. Change the rule to allow the mirror to be removed
B. Use the –b option with the vxassist command
C. The rule will not allow you to complete this operation.
D. Use the –f option with the vxdg command
Answer: D

Q: 5
A DLP administrator needs to forward data loss incidents to the company's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.
Which response rule action provides the administrator with the ability to accomplish this task?
A. All: Send Email Notification
B. All: Log to a Syslog Server
C. All: Add Note
D. All: Set Attribute
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which two fallback options are available for a 'Network Prevent: Remove HTTP/HTTPS' content response rule when a web-based message contains confidential data? (Select two.)
A. redirect the content to an alternative destination
B. block the content from being posted
C. encrypt the content before posting
D. remove the content through FlexResponse
E. allow the content to be posted
Answer: B,E

Q: 7
You have installed Storage Foundation 5.0 on the Unix platform and need to add licenses. You want to ensure that the licenses are correctly installed on the system.
What should you do?
A. Add the valistat package.
B. Add the VRTSvlic package.
C. Add the vxlicrep package.
D. Add the VRTSspt package.
Answer: B

Q: 8
You are managing a Storage Foundation 5.0 server and want to capture an image of a file system at a selected instant for use in applications.
Which feature will you use to capture the image?
A. Veritas FlashSnap Point-in-Time copy
B. Veritas Volume Replicator
C. Configure the Veritas Storage Checkpoint option
D. Configure the Veritas Quick I/O option
Answer: A

Q: 9
Which traffic type is excluded from analysis when an administrator uses Network Monitor?
A. Skype
B. Yahoo! Instant Messenger
D. Telnet
Answer: A

Q: 10
You execute the vxtrace command without any option to collect I/O trace data on all virtual disk drives during peak I/O operations. When you start to analyze the data, you notice that vxtrace displays a record indicating records are lost. You want to reduce the likelihood of the kernel discarding records so that you don’t have to rerun vxtrace to capture the records.
What should you do?
A. Print vxtrace event records to a file
B. Increase the kernel buffer
C. Wait until I/O operations have decreased
D. Increase the kernel buffer using the –o option
Answer: B

Q: 11
An administrator needs to deploy a Symantec Data Loss Prevention solution that will monitor network traffic. Which traffic type is excluded from inspection when using the default configuration?
A. HTTP-get
C. FTP-put
D. HTTP-post
Answer: A

Q: 12
You are administering a Storage Foundation 5.0 server. You need to create a new mirrored- striped volume using the command line. What should you do?
A. Mirror several concatenated plexes.
B. Stripe several underlying mirror volumes.
C. Concatenate several underlying mirror volumes.
D. Mirror several striped data plexes.
Answer: D

Q: 13
An administrator needs to remove an agent and its associated events from a specific Endpoint Server. Which Agent Task does the administrator need to perform to disable its visibility in the Enforce UI?
A. delete action from the Agent Summary page
B. disable action from Symantec Management Console
C. change Endpoint Server action from the Agent Overview page
D. delete action from the Agent Health dashboard
Answer: A

Q: 14
Which two are the advantages of the Logical PITCs?
A. The PITC is available for use instantaneously.
B. Potentially less storage space is required.
C. The PITC is dependent on the original.
D. The PITC is an actual physical copy of the data.
E. The PITC requires the same amount of storage space as the original.
Answer: C

Q: 15
You have installed site awareness licenses on all hosts in the remote mirror configuration. You want the volume to be automatically mirrored across sites when it is created and you specify the allsites=on attribute with the vxassist command.
Which read policy do you need to set to accomplish this task?
A. Siteread policy
B. Round robin policy
C. Prefer policy
D. Select policy
Answer: A

Q: 16
You are administering the Volume Manager in Cluster environment in the datacenter showing a type of write failure on a slave node. You are not able to view the write failure occurred to other nodes in the cluster.
What will be the cluster behavior under the local disk detach policy? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.) (Select two.)
A. I/O is stopped for the node that first saw the failure.
B. Application using the volume is also notified about the failure.
C. Cluster Management software moves the application to a live node.
D. Slave node continues to perform I/O operation from and to the volume.
Answer: A,B

Q: 17
An administrator pulls the Services and Operation logs off of a DLP Agent by using the Pull Logs action. What happens to the log files after the administrator performs the Pull Logs action?
A. they are stored directly on the Enforce server
B. they are transferred directly to the Enforce Server and deleted from the DLP Agent
C. they are created on the DLP Agent then pulled down to the Enforce server
D. they are temporarily stored on the DLP Agent's Endpoint server
Answer: D

Q: 18
You are administering the Veritas Volume Manager. While working on the Veritas Volume Manager, you execute the vxprint –hvt command.
What will be the outcome of the command?
A. Command will list the stopped volume and its plexes information.
B. Command will list the free Plexes information.
C. Command will display the general information for all sub disks.
D. Command will display the volume information.
Answer: D

Q: 19
A company needs to disable USB devices on computers that are generating a number of recurring DLP incidents. It decides to implement Endpoint Lockdown using Endpoint Prevent, which integrates with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Symantec Management Platform.
After incidents are still detected from several agents, the company determines that a component is missing.
Which component needs to be added to disable the USB devices once incidents are detected?
A. Control Compliance Suite
B. Workflow Solution
C. pcAnywhere
D. Risk Automation Suite
Answer: B

Q: 20
You have installed the Storage Foundation for Sybase. You want to temporarily suspend all write operations to all databases. What should you do?
A. Use the Quick I/O feature.
B. Use the Concurrent I/O feature.
C. Use the Quiesce feature.
D. Use the Cached Quick I/O feature.
Answer: C

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