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Symantec ST0-148 Exam -

Free ST0-148 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which command can an administrator use to display the bsize and logsize used on an existing file system?
A. mkfs
B. fsadm
C. mount
D. fsmap
Answer: A

Q: 2
A system with a single, locally mounted file system loses power and is subsequently restarted. All hardware is functioning properly and the intent log is valid. The administrator then mounts the file system using the mount command. What is the expected behavior.?
A. Mount will replay the intent log.
B. Mount prints an error stating that a fsck log replay will be required.
C. Mount succeeds silently as normal.
D. Mount prints an error message stating that a full fsck will be required.
Answer: A

Q: 3
Veritas File System (VxFS) is an extent based file system. Which two pieces of information form the basis of an extent? (Select two.)
A. inode number
B. offset
C. length
D. owner's UID
E. block size
Answer: B,C

Q: 4
Which command resizes the file system without changing the volume size?
A. tunefs
B. vxresize
C. fsadm
D. vxfsadm
Answer: C

Q: 5
A Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) disk named Disk_4 has been removed from the datadg disk group. Which command is used to remove this disk from Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) control?
A. vxdisk -g datadg rmdisk Disk_4
B. vxdiskunsetup Disk_4
C. vxdg -g datadg rmdisk Disk_4
D. vxdisksetup -r Disk_4
Answer: B

Q: 6
What is the default private region size for Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) disks?
A. 8MB
B. 16MB
C. 32MB
D. 64MB
Answer: C

Q: 7
An administrator needs to move all data volumes and disks in diskgroup appdg into an existing diskgroup named webdg. The end result will yield one diskgroup on the system: webdg. Which command should the administrator use to move the data volumes?
A. vxdg move appdg webdg
B. vxdg split appdg webdg
C. vxdg join appdg webdg
D. vxdg add appdg webdg
Answer: C

Q: 8
Which two conditions are applicable to disks of a disk group that have been destroyed with the vxdg destroy command without re-deploying the disks? (Select two.)
A. The destroy operation retains the on-disk disk group ID, which makes the disk group recoverable.
B. The destroy operation clears the on-disk disk group ID, which makes recovery impossible.
C. The destroy operation clears the on-disk disk group name and makes disks available for use in other disk groups.
D. The destroy operation clears the on-disk disk group name and re-initializes all of the disks.
E. The destroy operation deports the disk group and re-formats all of the disks.
Answer: A,C

Q: 9
An administrator plans to move disks EMC_11 and EMC_12 from diskgroup appdg to diskgroup webdg. There are several volumes residing on both disks, so the administrator needs a list of volumes that will be affected for planning purposes. Which command should the administrator use to generate the list?
A. vxdg listclone appdg webdg
B. vxdg listmeta EMC_11 EMC_12
C. vxdg list appdg webdg
D. vxdg listmove appdg webdg EMC_11 EMC_12
Answer: D

Q: 10
The disk group appdg is imported onto host01 using the vxdg -t import appdg command. Volumes have been started and file systems mounted. The system is then gracefully rebooted. What happens to the appdg disk group after host01 has restarted?
A. The appdg disk group is automatically imported; all volumes in the disk group are automatically started.
B. The appdg disk group is automatically temporarily imported; all volumes in the disk group are automatically started.
C. The appdg disk group remains deported; only host01 can import the disk group using the vxdg import appdg command.
D. The appdg disk group remains deported; any host that can access the appdg disk group can import it.
Answer: D

Q: 11
Which region stores the information that manages virtual devices when a LUN is brought under Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for UNIX control?
A. private region
B. VTOC region
C. virtual region
D. public region
Answer: A

Q: 12
Which command line utility is used to view Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) plexes?
A. vxdisk
B. vxdg
C. vxplex
D. vxprint
Answer: D

Q: 13
What enables combining disks or LUNs into logical collections to make administration easier?
A. volume
B. plex
C. subdisk
D. disk group
Answer: D

Q: 14
Which virtual storage configuration can be created with Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for UNIX?
Answer: B

Q: 15
A user creates a 10MB file, which is then compressed using vxcompress to reduce the file size to 1MB. Another user copies this file to a different Veritas File System (VxFS) on the same host using cp. What is the resulting file size of the copy?
A. 1MB
B. 9MB
C. 10MB
D. 11MB
Answer: C

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