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Symantec ST0-119 Exam -

Free ST0-119 Sample Questions:

1. A system administrator needs to quickly deploy Windows 7 to several new co mputers without preconfigured operating systems. The administrator decides to use an existing Ghost image since the necessary drivers have already been added to the DeployAnywhere d atabase. The PXE Configuration is set to respond only to known computers. How should the administrator proceed?
A. Use Ghost Solution Suite to distribute the image as the computers boot to the network.
B. Import the list of new computers into the Management Console and assign an imaging task.
C. Deploy an Automation Folder to the new computers to prepare them for imaging.
D. Configure PXE to respond to a known list of MAC addresses and deploy the images only to the new systems.
Answer: B

2. A company is planning an In-Place Migration to Windows 7. They use PC Transplant to migrate the personality. Which option will help reduce the network traffic when restoring the image?
A. use File Preservation
B. use a higher compression
C. use unicast
D. deploy the OS without applications
Answer: A

3. Which solution is included with Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1?
A. Help Desk Solution
B. Discovery Solution
C. pcAnywhere
D. Symantec System Recovery
Answer: D

4. Which statement is true about the Application Metering feature of Inventory Solution?
A. It tracks and compares changes to application files and registry keys.
B. It monitors and denies the usage of applications on the network.
C. It gathers detailed information about application files.
D. It limits the usage of applications to purchased licenses.
Answer: C

5. Which type of component is included in the Software Catalog?
A. licenses
B. hotfixes
C. updates
D. uninstalls
Answer: A

6. Which Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 solution denies the usage of applications on the network?
A. Software Management Solution
B. Application Metering Solution
C. Application Management Solution
D. Inventory Solution
Answer: D

7. Which Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 solution tracks the installations of an application and how often the application is used?
A. Application Management Solution
B. Deployment Solution
C. Application Metering Solution
D. Inventory Solution
Answer: D

8. An inventory policy is set to run weekly at 18:00 on Wednesdays and is present on all computers.
However, a user shuts down a laptop right after the inventory starts at 18:00 and turns it on the next morning at 08:00. When will the inventory run?
A. Thursday morning at 08:00
B. next Wednesday evening at 18:00
C. Thursday evening at 18:00
D. never
Answer: B

9. Which two operating systems can be managed using pcAnywhere? (Select two.)
A. Linux
B. iOS
C. Android
D. Mac E.Unix
Answer: AD

10. The Software Update Policy Wizard is used to create the Patch Management policy, which is distributed to manage computers. How can a system administrator disable unsupported operating systems?
A. For the selected operating systems, delete the software bulletin that has been selected for installation.
B. For the selected operating systems, deselect the software bulle tin that has been selected for installation.
C. For the selected operating systems, disable the software policy.
D. For the selected operating systems, remove the software policy.
Answer: B

11. What are two Software Update Plug-in responsibilities? (Select two.)
A. gathers an inventory on all installed software and their associated service pack level
B. sends execution results of all software installed to the Notification Server
C. gathers specific inventory on supported operating systems, ap plications, and the associated service pack level
D. sends execution results of applied software bulletins to the Notification Server
E. notifies users before a Managed Delivery policy executes
Answer: CD

12. Which configuration step should be completed before a computer image can be s ent to a managed computer without an existing operating system installed on its hard drive?
A. create preboot configurations
B. install an operating system on the hard drive and install the applicable agents
C. configure predefined computers
D. configure initial deployment
Answer: A

13. In which area of the Symantec Management Console can a system administrator specify which users have access to WMI, AMT, DASH, and other management technologies?
A. Credentials Management
B. Credential Access Manager
C. Security Role Manager
D. Out-of-Band Management
Answer: A

14. What must be done after a managed computer has been patched?
A. Check the Software Update Package Integrity task.
B. Run a Software Inventory task.
C. Run a Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis task.
D. Update the Agent Configuration policy.
Answer: C

15. When reviewing compliance reports for the Microsoft products, the system administrator notices that the data and bulletins have remained unchanged for two weeks. What should the administrator check to address this issue?
A. Revise Software Update task
B. Import Patch Data for Microsoft policy
C. Patch Management Import task
D. Microsoft Compliance Update policy
Answer: B

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