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Symantec ST0-096 Exam -

Free ST0-096 Sample Questions:

1.Which two statements are true about the "Recovered Jobs" Erro r Handling rule? (Select two.)
A. It is only used in a Central Administration Server (CAS) environment.
B. It is enabled by default.
C. It is used to recover all failed jobs.
D. It retries the job based on the "Recovered Jobs" error handling rule settings.
E. It terminates the active job and sends an alert.
Answer: B,D

2.To ensure that the Symantec Backup Exec database is kept within the maximum database size limitations, which two options should be set to control the amount of data that is groomed? (Select two.)
A. alert history
B. catalogs
C. install files
D. job history
E. backup-to-disk files
Answer: A,D

3.Which process is used to install Symantec tape device drivers after attaching a new tape library on a Symantec Backup Exec 2010 media server?
A. right-click on the device inside the Devices view and choose Install Tape Drivers
B. use Windows Device Manager to install Symantec drivers
C. use the Tape Device Configuration Wizard to install Symantec drivers
D. use the Tape Driver Install Wizard to install Symantec drivers
Answer: C

4.In the Job Monitor tab, when is the "Created On" column visible?
A. when Detailed Monitoring is enabled
B. when there is a Central Administration Server (CAS)
C. when the Date field is added to the View properties
D. when the backup job state isRunning
Answer: B

5.Which two notification delivery methods can receive job logs as part of the notification process? (Select two.)
A. pager
B. printer
C. email
D. fax
E. Instant Messenger
Answer: B,C

6.What is used to perform database maintenance tasks on the Symantec Backup Exec 2010 database?
A. VXGather.exe
B. DBUtility.exe
C. BEConfigure.exe
D. BEUtility.exe
Answer: C

7.Which setting in Tools -> Options can be changed to affect how long job history and job logs are kept?
A. Job Status and Recovery
B. Log management
C. Database maintenance
D. Preferences
Answer: C

8.How should an administrator determine why a job failed?
A. review catalogs
B. inspect the Job Monitor
C. review the job log
D. inspect policy history
Answer: D

9.Which two data categories are available through standard reports in Symantec Backup Exec 2010? (Select two.)
A. alerts
B. policy templates
C. jobs
D. accounts
E. catalogs
Answer: A,C

10.How is publishing disabled for a remote server on which the Remote Agent for Windows Systems is installed?
A. run Backup Exec Utility on the media server andclear the "Enable the Remote Agent to publish information to the media servers" check box under the Publishing tab
B. run the Remote Agent Utility on the media server andclear the "Enable the Remote Agent to publish information to the media servers" check box under the Publishing tab
C. run Backup Exec Utility on the remote server andclear the "Enable the Remote Agent to publish information to the media servers" check box under the Publishing tab
D. run the Remote Agent Utility on the remote server andclear the "Enable the Remote Agent to publish information to the media servers" check box under the Publishing tab
Answer: D

11.Which file is created when the user selects the Save contents of database to the Backup Exec data directory option?
Answer: B

12.Which two features are customizable in backup reports? (Select two.)
A. page orientation
B. report header
C. report font
D. page size
E. report footer
Answer: B,E

13.Which two configuration changes can be made in order to reduce network traffic within a Central Administration Server (CAS) environment? (Select two.)
A. keep the catalog files centralized
B. increase the interval time for job status updates
C. ensure that jobs created on the Managed Media Server (MMS) are monitored from the CAS
D. ensure jobs logs and histories are being sent to the CAS less frequently
E. enable some alerts to be rolled up to the CAS less frequently
Answer: B,D

14.A backup administrator has noticed that backups to a tape drive ar e running slow. What should be done to improve performance?
A. enable the option 'Write SCSI pass-through mode', which allows Symantec Backup Exec 2010 to write directly to the drive
B. configure the buffer size to be a higher value than what is currently configured
C. set the Remote Agent Priority to High which dedicates more CPU cycles for the backup
D. lower the buffer count on the tape device to ensure data is written to the device more quickly
Answer: B

15.Which two views are available in the Job Monitor in Symantec Backup Exec 2010? (Select two.)
A. Job List
B. Calendar
C. System Summary
D. Alerts
E. System Detail
Answer: A,B

16.Which utility can collect the Symantec Backup Exec 2010 log files?
A. VxGather.exe
B. VxCollect.exe
C. SGMon.exe
D. SymCollect.exe
Answer: A

17.Which Restore Selections view displays a list of protected servers regardles s of which media contains the data?
A. View by Computer
B. View by Server
C. View by Resource
D. View Selection Details
Answer: C

18.A restore job fails with access denied errors. What is the next step that should be taken?
A. start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine
B. enable restore rights in Logon Account Management
C. check the restore job credentials for appropriate rights
D. change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent
Answer: A

19.An administrator needs to restore several different versions of an existing file. Which option should be chosen?
A. Restore Redirection
B. Restore Versions
C. File Versioning
D. File Redirection
Answer: D

20.What is the purpose of a temporary staging area in Symantec Bac kup Exec 2010?
A. uses a cache area to apply encryption to data during backup
B. allows individual items to be recovered from a tape -based image
C. allows database backups to be cataloged enabling granular recovery
D. uses available system RAM to process data deduplication during backup
Answer: B

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