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Symantec ST0-090 Exam -

Free ST0-090 Sample Questions:

1.An administrator wants to ensure that issues flagged as out of compliance are addressed as efficiently as possible. The administrator wants to trigger the remediation process. Where is the remediation option set?
A. within the Evaluation Job Wizard
B. within the Standard specification
C. on the Asset Properties page
D. on the Reporting page
Answer: A

2.A Standards Evaluation has completed and is ready to be viewed. What are two view options? (Select two.)
A. Risk-based view
B. Compliance-based view
C. Asset-based view
D. Failure-based view
E. Standard-based view
Answer: C, E

3.Within an evaluation result, the status 'Unknown' is primarily defined with which check setting?
A. missing data items
B. heck ex ression
C. precondition
D. post-processing expression
Answer: A

4.When an administrator of Control Compliance Suite 10.0 views the results of an evaluation against a standard, both the risk score and the compliance score are high. How can these evaluation results be explained?
A. Multiple sections contain failures.
B. The risk score tracks critical failures.
C. Many exceptions have been approved.
D. The compliance score tracks informational items.
Answer: C

5.A single Data Processing Service (DPS) Reporter is assigned to perform database synchronization between which two databases? (Select two.)
A. Reporting database
B. Evidence database
C. Credentials database
D. Production database
E. Master database
Answer: A, D

6.Which two statements accurately describe the purpose of the Control Compliance Suite Production database? (Select two.)
A. It stores the data that is collected from the assets.
B. It stores data specific to individual dashboards.
C. It stores the results of evaluation jobs.
D. It stores data specific to individual reports.
E. It stores evidence gathered from the extended evidence sources.
Answer: A, C

7.What is required for the Control Compliance Suite 10.0 Application server and Directory server components to support Kerberos authentication in an Active Directory environment?
A. username and password
B. configured PKI certificates
C. configured Service Principal Names (SPNs)
D. successful sync configuration
Answer: C

8.What must be done before the Control Compliance Suite 10.0 can use a newly installed Data Processing Service (DPS)?
A. synchronize settings on all registered DPS hosts
B. register the DPS with the Application server
C. set all values of the common fields with reconciliation rules
D. import primary assets
Answer: B

9.Which database do the dashboards pull data from?
A. Production database
B. Reporting database
C. Evidence database
D. Master database
Answer: B

10.Which function of Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is responsible for generating tiered dashboards?
A. DPS Evaluator
B. DPS Reporter
C. Application server
D. Directory server
Answer: B

11.Which two actions can be taken on a predefined report in the Control C ompliance Suite 10.0 Console? (Select two.)
A. Move
B. Delete
C. Copy
D. Export Report Template
E. Paste
Answer: C, D

12.An administrator troubleshooting the Symantec Control Compliance system notices that both the Application server and the Directory server failed to start. The administrator verifies that Windows started normally on the two servers. What is the next step the administrator should take?
A. verify that the Active Directory server is running
B. ping the load balancer from the Application ser ver
C. verify that the Information server is running
D. verify internet access from the Directory server
Answer: D

13.A Data Collection job fails for a Windows machine in Control Compliance Suite 10.0 (CCS). All components appear to have been correctly installed and configured in the console. What is an initial step to take outside of the CCS Console (Reporting and Analytics) to troubleshoot the issue?
A. restart Symantec RMS Process Manager
B. run a bv-Control for Windows query
C. recreate the Credentials database
D. verify the Enterprise Configuration Service
Answer: B

14.Asset Import jobs from a particular site are running more slowly than Asset Import jobs from other sites.
What is the most likely cause?
A. The Application server service is untrusted for delegation.
B. One of the DPS Collectors from the site has failed.
C. The Reporting Database Synchronization job has failed.
D. Service Principal Names (SPNs) are configured incorrectly.
Answer: B

15.A Control Compliance Suite 10.0 user schedules a Policy Acceptance report. After the Report job finishes, the user opens the results and receives the message: 'No data available to generate this report.' The user is sure that certain people have already accepted policies this morning. What should the user do in order to get the data in the report?
A. run the Report Generation job again
B. run the Policy and Mandates Metrics Computation job
C. run the Report Data Purge job
D. run the Report Data Synchronization job
Answer: D

16.What are two available formats for exporting reports from the Control Compliance Suite 10.0 Reporting and Analytics Console? (Select two.)
A. Comma Separated Values (CSV)
B. Portable Document Format (PDF)
C. Crystal Reports (RPT)
D. Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)
E. Microsoft Access (MDB)
Answer: B, C

17.In order to use Response Assessment Module results as policy evidence in Control Compliance Suite (CCS), which two statements are correct? (Select two.)
A. The policy and question must be mapped to the same control statement.
B. The same CCS asset must be part of the policy and the questionnaire.
C. The questionnaire and policy evaluation must be performed simultaneously.
D. The Content Studio must be mapped to the RAM server.
E. The user must be assigned the data owner role to validat e the result.
Answer: A, B

18.The Response Assessment Module Web Service application pool account must be a member of which group?
A. Administrators
C. RAM_Administrators
D. Distributed COM Users
Answer: B

19.Which Control Compliance Suite component automates the analysis of procedural controls?
A. Standards Module
B. Entitlements Module
C. Policy Module
D. Response Assessment Module
Answer: D

20.In terms of securing systems and configurations, Control Compliance Suite 10.0 performs which two functions? (Select two.)
A. performs event correlation on security logs
B. identifies high risk systems and configurations
C. scans content of servers for confidential information
D. provides guidance for and measures effectiveness against industry stan dards
E. proactively blocks threats from penetrating critical systems
Answer: B, D

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