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Human Resources SPHR Exam -

Free SPHR Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of the following focuses on the person in the job?
A. SWOT analysis
B. Performance management
C. Policies
D. Risk assessment
Answer: B

Q: 2
You are completing a Form 1-9 with a newly hired employee. Which one of the following documents is not allowed as a proof of identity and employment eligibility for the newly hired employee?
A. Driver's license
B. Expired US passport
C. Unexpired reentry permit
D. Certificate of naturalization
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which of the following risk management tool or activity is not required by law?
A. EE0-1 reporting
B. The reporting of securities law violations
C. Employer practice(s) prohibiting harassment
D. Employee handbooks
Answer: D

Q: 4
The motivation theory that suggests people are motivated by the reward they will receive when they succeed and that they weigh the value of the expected reward against the effort required to achieve it is known as what?
A. Vroom's expectancy theory
B. McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y
C. McClelland's acquired needs theory
D. Adams' equity theory
Answer: A

Q: 5
Based on an analysis of the industry and labor market trends, a VP of Human Resources has determined that the best course of action for her company is to change from a narrow to a broadband salary structure. The current structure has been in place for more than 15 years, and the VP is anticipating strong resistance to making the change. Which of the following tools should the VP use to convince the executive team to make the change?
A. Build a business case.
B. Calculate the return on investment.
C. Conduct a SWOT analysis.
D. Calculate the cost-benefit analysis.
Answer: A

Q: 6
As part of your implementation of a new course, you will deliver pilot programs to a small group of learners in your organization. Which of the following are the two types of pilot programs that an organization can use within ADDIE?
A. Mock program and management-driven format
B. Instructor-to-instructor format and instructor-to-peer format
C. Identical program format and abbreviated program format
D. Job-sampling program and abbreviated program format
Answer: C

Q: 7
You are an HR Professional for your organization and you're preparing your team for a series of interviews. You want the team to be familiar with the validity types you'll use and encourage in the series of interviews. During the interview process, the candidate will need to complete a psychological test to determine his ability to perform in the job role based on collected and desired traits. This is an example of what type of validity?
A. Construct-related validity
B. Predictive validity
C. Content validity
D. Criterion-related validity
Answer: A

Q: 8
A lockout occurs when which of the following occurs?
A. The employer shuts down operations to keep employees from working.
B. The employer refuses to allow the union to unionize the workplace.
C. The employees shut down operations by refusing to work.
D. The employees patrol the entrance to the business.
Answer: A

Q: 9
Virginia is the HR Professional for her organization and she is reviewing the details of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967. She tells John, one of her staff members, that the ADEA prohibits discrimination on the basis of age for employees and job applicants who are above a certain age. What age does the ADEA apply to employees and job applicants?
A. 50 and above
B. 40 and above
C. 30 and above
D. All people regardless of their age
Answer: B

Q: 10
As an HR Professional, you should be familiar with OSHA rules, standards, and regulations. Should an organization violate an OSHA standard, there are often penalties that the employer must pay. What is the maximum fine an employer may face for a deliberate and intentional violation of an OSHA standard?
A. $70,000
B. $50,000
C. $10,000
D. $100,000
Answer: A

Q: 11
A code of conduct is primarily used by companies that wish to do which of the following?
A. Work toward preventing disciplinary action through clearly communicated behavior standards
B. Provide equal opportunity for all employees
C. Discourage violations of company policy
D. Establish the framework for a discipline system
Answer: A

Q: 12
You are a HR Professional for your organization and you're coaching Thomas on human resources practices, particularly the role of the HR Professional in strategic planning. You tell Thomas the importance of vision, mission, and values of an organization. Thomas asks what the difference is between vision and mission. Which one of the following best describes the difference between vision and mission for an organization?
A. A vision is the purpose of a company. A mission is the task the organization aims to accomplish.
B. A vision describes an organization's role, what the organization is, and what the organization wants to become. A mission describes the organization's purpose for being.
C. A vision describes the future of the organization while a mission describes the goals of the organization.
D. A vision describes the organization's role, what the organization is, and what the organization may aspire to be. A mission describes what the organization will definitely become.
Answer: B

Q: 13
As a Senior HR Professional, you must be aware of contracts, laws, and commitments made to employees. A manager has promised Ted that if he resigns from his position, the manager will hire Ted in a new, more lucrative position. Ted agrees and resigns, but the manager doesn't follow through with his promise. Ted is now out of work. This scenario is an example of which of the following?
A. Constructive discharge
B. Respondeat superior
C. Express contract
D. Promissory estoppel
Answer: D

Q: 14
Holly is a senior worker in her organization and she is a member of the union. Her position will be eliminated in sixty days and she will be released from the company. Rather than being unemployed, Holly asks the union to move her to a less senior position and release a junior employee. If the union agrees to this, what will this term be known as?
A. Displacement
B. Releasing
c. Bumping
D. Re-organization
Answer: C

Q: 15
According to Knowles, there are five key assumptions about how adults learn. One of the assumptions is the learner's readiness to learn. Which of the following statements is best associated with the assumption of the learner's readiness to learn?
A. What I learn today will help me solve problems at my workplace tomorrow.
B. I've got lots of valuable experience that I want to draw upon to help me as I learn.
C. I'm ready to learn this because what I learn will help me function better in some way.
D. I understand why I need to learn this.
Answer: C

Q: 16
Which of the following is used to determine current market trends and competition for different skills and knowledge and to assist the employer in setting pay levels?
A. Base pay
B. Gross pay
C. Salary survey
D. Job evaluation
Answer: C

Q: 17
As an HR Professional you should be familiar with OSHA forms for maintaining employee records. OSHA form 301 is used to document the incident that caused the work-related injury or illness. How long is an organization required to keep the form on record?
A. One year from the date of the incident
B. 90 days following the year of the incident
C. Five years following the year of the incident
D. Three years following the year of the incident
Answer: C

Q: 18
If a dress-code policy prohibits the use of ethnic clothing, but an employee requests an accommodation based on their religious preference, how should the employer respond?
A. Modify the dress code unless doing so would create an undue hardship.
B. Refuse the accommodation based on business necessity.
C. Allow the employee to dress in ethnic clothing with sufficient advance notice.
D. Only allow the clothing on casual dress days, when other employees are also allowed to dress outside of policy guidelines.
Answer: A

Q: 19
As a HR Professional you must understand the laws and regulations, which affect employee compensation. Which of the following was the first to address a minimum wage for employees?
A. Davis-Bacon Act
B. Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act
C. Fair Labor Standards Act
D. Portal-to-Portal Act
Answer: A

Q: 20
A church has announced a position for a new minister. One of the requirements of the new minister, however, is that this person be a member of the faith of the church that is hiring. This is an example of which of the following in regard to Title VII?
A. Piece-rate system
B. Violation of the Title VII requirements not to discriminate employment based on religion
C. Bona fide occupational qualification
D. Violation of Title VII religious requirements for employment
Answer: C

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