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Aruba SE3.1 Exam -

Free SE3.1 Sample Questions:

NO 1 : For which voice-related protocols is Aruba’s firewall stateful? (Choose all of the correct answers)
D. SS7
Answer: A,B,C

NO 2 : If an ap-group has a profile named “corp-wird-profile”, what syntax will DISABLE the
Captive Portal on an AP70 enet1 interface?
A. ap wired-ap-profile "corp-wired-ap-profile" wired-ap-enable
B. ap wired-ap-profile "corp-wired-ap-profile" trusted
C. ape net-link-profile "corp-wired-ap-profile" wired-ap-enable
D. ape net-link-profile "corp-wired-ap-profile" trusted
Answer: B

NO 3 : In the above screen capture, VPN authentication is enabled. What form of VPN is enabled, PPTP or L2TP?

A. unknown because the default role is guest
B. you cannot tell from this screen
C. PPTP is enabled
D. L2TP/IPSec is enabled
E. VPN Emulation is enabled
Answer: B

NO 4 : Enabling Mobility Domains Configuration is done on each local switch as required
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

NO 5 : Referring to the above screen capture, on which switch can you modify APs to enable ARM?

A. Controller only
B. Controller and only
C. All three Controllers
D. None
Answer: A

NO 6 : The above diagram has one master and three local controllers. All controllers are configured with the wireless user VLAN 201. A wireless user associates with AP1. Only L2 mobility is enabled. Which elements will know about this association? (Choose all of the correct answers)

A. Local 1
B. Local 2
C. Local 3
D. Master
Answer: A,B,D

NO 7 : How many Aruba controllers can be added to a single mobility domain?
A. 64 controllers of any type
B. 128 controllers supporting 2000 users
C. 256 controllers with no more than 1024 subnets
D. Controllers supporting up to 6000 AP’s
E. There is no controller limit
Answer: E

NO 8 : What is the maximum number of line cards the Aruba 6000 controller supports with a single Supervisor module?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer: C

NO 9 : Refer to the following configuration segment for this item netdestination "internal" no invert network position 1 range position 2 ! ip access-list session "My-Policy" alias "user" alias "internal" service_any permit queue low A user frame is evaluated against this access-list with the following attributes; Source IP: Destination IP: Destination Port:80 Referring to the above file segment, how will the frame be handled by this access-list?
A. The frame will be dropped because of the implicit deny all at the end of the netdestination definition
B. The frame will be dropped because of the implicit deny all at the end of the access list
C. The frame will be forwarded because of the implicit permit all at the end of the access list
D. The frame will be passed because there is no service specified in the access list
E. The frame will be dropped because there is no service specified in the access list
Answer: B

NO 10 : An Aruba controller is configured with an IP address of on VLAN1. The controller is moved to a new data center, VLAN 10 is created on the controller and is assigned the address The address on VLAN 1 is cleared. The APs connected to the system lose connectivity Which additional configuration change needs to be made on the controller to bring the APs back up?
A. a static route needs to be added to point to the DNS server
B. a new VLAN, 20, needs to be created
C. a loopback address needs to be created on VLAN 10
D. a DHCP scheme needs to be created on the controller
Answer: C

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