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SCP SC0-501 Exam -

Free SC0-501 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is not a category of Intellectual Property?
A. Patents
B. Trademarks
C. Copyrights
D. Manufacturing Standards
E. Trade Secrets
Answer: D

2. Which of the following can be protected by a patent?
A. A new invention
B. A new product
C. A new process
D. A new name
E. An old product made in a new way
Answer: ABCE

3. When Windows places a file on a FAT 16 partition, what does it look for, in HEX, to know that a file can be placed in that cluster?
A. 0000
C. 0001
D. 000F
E. 1111
Answer: A

4. What is the name of the option in Windows to hide, or append, a second file to a main file?
A. The Hidden Bit
B. Dynamic Link Libraries
C. NTFS Streams
D. File Associations
E. Hidden Server Management
Answer: C

5. If you capture an 802.11 frame, and the ToDS bit is set to zero and the FromDS bit is set to zero, what type of WLAN is this frame a part of?
A. Mesh
B. Broadcast
C. Infrastructure
D. Hierarchical
E. Ad Hoc
Answer: E

6. What transmission system uses short bursts combined together as a channel?
A. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
B. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
C. Lamar Anthell Transmission (LAT)
D. Digital Band Hopping (DBH)
E. Digital Channel Hopping (DCH)
Answer: A

7. When you install and use PGP on your local computer, where is the key pair stored, by default?
A. secret.ring
B. public.ring
C. /usr/bin/pgp
D. pubring.pkr
E. secring.pkr
Answer: DE

8. When a biometric system performs a one-to-one mapping, what is the systems doing?
A. Identification
B. Authentication
C. Classification
D. Detection
E. Recognition
Answer: B

9. If you are going to build a PKI you will need many different components. What is an industry standard that you can build your PKI upon?
A. Contiguous distinguished name spaces
B. X.509v3 Certificates
C. A defined hierarchy of authorities
D. 128-bit SHA1
E. 128-bit MD5
Answer: B

10. You are in the process of designing your PKI. You are working on the individual systems and servers that you will need. Which machine that you install is designed simply to enroll new users into the PKI?
A. Certification Authority
B. Archive Server
C. Security Server
D. Registration Authority
E. Certification Repository
Answer: D

11. If a Certificate Authority is also designed to accept requests for certificates, then it can be termed as what?
A. A Root CA
B. An Intermediate CA
C. A CA Hierarchy
D. A Registration Authority
E. A Repository
Answer: D

12. If your goal is to make your CA issue certificates that have specific key usage, what can you use to achieve this goal?
A. This can be done by using unique DNs for each key use that you want.
B. This can be done by using OIDs for each key use that you want.
C. This can be done by using unique CNs for each key use that you want.
D. This can only be done by selecting the key use options during the setup of the CA.
E. This can be done by installing the identifier file for each key use.
Answer: B

13. If you receive an X.509 digital certificate that has a unique identifier, but has no extensions, what version is the certificate?
A. It is a Version 2 certificate
B. It is a Version 3 certificate
C. It is a Version 1 certificate
D. All X.509 digital certificates have unique identifiers
E. The unique identifier is determined by implementation, not version number
Answer: A

14. When using the 3DES encryption ( C = EK1[DK2[EK1[P]]] ) , what is the function of D?
A. D is the text before encryption
B. D is the first encryption key
C. D is the second encryption key
D. D is the decryption key
E. D is the text after encryption
Answer: D

15. Which of the following numbers are Non-Prime Numbers?
A. 23
B. 2
C. 24
D. 39
E. 17
Answer: CD

16. What are the two primary types of token system?
A. Time-based
B. Passive
C. Challenge/Response
D. Active
E. Seeded
Answer: AC

17. If you wish to make your Windows user account use smart cards, where must you go to check this option?
A. Active Directory Users and Computers
B. Computer Management, Local Users and Groups
C. Active Directory Sites and Services
D. Active Directory Security Services
E. On the Enterprise Certificate Server
Answer: A

18. Incidents are generally categorized as falling into attacks on the CIA triad. Which of the following three attacks are the general categories?
A. Attacks against Integrity
B. Attacks against Confidentiality
C. Attacks against Availability
D. Attacks against Accuracy
E. Attacks against Collisions
Answer: ABC

19. What is a unique benefit to using a File Viewer as one of your Forensics Tools?
A. You do not have to copy data files to your forensic machine for analysis
B. You do not have to worry about modifying the evidence in any manner
C. You are able to view the evidence files in HEX format
D. You do not need to have all the programs installed on your forensic machine to view evidence files
E. You are able to search for specific file types to which the O/S does not have application associations
Answer: D

20. What type of information can be learned from a user’s COOKIES/index.dat file?
A. Their MAC address
B. Their IP address
C. Their email address
D. The websites they have visited
E. The user logon name
Answer: DE

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