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CompTIA RF0-001 Exam -

Free RF0-001 Sample Questions:

1. When firmware upgrades become available, which of the following should the technician consider FIRST?
A.How to install the upgrade.
B.When to schedule the upgrade.
C.Whether the upgrade can be downloaded from the internet.
D.The benefits of new upgrade.
Answer: D

2. An animal identification system is used in feedlots and transfer gates are equipped with 135 kHz interrogators and are of a size to support one animal. When two animals attempt to get through at the same time, a problem occurs because the:
A.135 kHz systems do not have anti-collision algorithms.
B.135 kHz interrogator system is broken because of the congestion.
C.animals expand the gates to a size where the second animal cannot be read.
D.animals are moving too slowly to be read only once.
Answer: A

3. Pallets in a freezer are tagged with passive ultra high frequency (UHF) tags. The interrogator at the loading dock has a high misread rate on pallets from the freezer. The MOST likely cause of the high misread rate is that:
A.there is a higher temperature in the trailer.
B.there is condensation on the tags.
C.the tag and interrogator are at different temperatures.
D.the tag temperature is too low.
Answer: B

4. Interrogation zones that are found to be interfering with an existing system can BEST be resolved by doing which of the following?
A.Shielding the zone with a reflective or absorptive material.
B.Replacing the existing components that are interfering.
C.Turning off the RFID system.
D.Upgrading the RFID system to Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class 1 Gen 2 specifications.
Answer: A

5. When installing a passive ultra high frequency (UHF) system that will read tags on consistently oriented cases as they move past an interrogator on a conveyor system, which of the following types of antenna would provide the BEST results?
C.circularly polarized
D.linearly polarized
Answer: D

6. A technician is assisting with a site analysis of a passive ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID system for a conveyor application requiring several antennas to be placed in close proximity. The BEST reason for using absorptive materials would be to:
A.absorb the RF from outside interference sources.
B.protect the interrogator's receiver from becoming saturated.
C.decrease the likelihood of electrostatic discharge (ESD) affecting performance.
D.increase the size of the field pattern covered by the antennas.
Answer: B

7. An RFID interrogator is reading tags on cartons on a conveyor and cartons are directed to the proper truck by electrically-operated gates on the conveyor line. A carton reaches the first gate in one-half second. The decision to open a gate is BEST made by:
A.a universal serial bus (USB) connection to the remote server. interrogator with WiFi capability. Ethernet connection to the remote server. interrogator with an edge-server capability.
Answer: D

8. When mounting an interrogator on a vehicle, the MOST important consideration would be:
A.making the vehicle look good.
B.employee safety.
C.preventing damage to the interrogator.
D.ensuring read capabilities.
Answer: B

9. When preparing for the installation of passive RFID forklift system, all of the following can be done EXCEPT:
A.allowing ultra high frequency (UHF) and RF cabling to flex and bend with the movements of the forks.
B.mounting antennas on the moving forks.
C.mounting the RFID interrogator on the moving fork.
D.routing serial cables with hydraulic tubes.
Answer: A

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