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BICSI RCDD-001 Exam -

Free RCDD-001 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of the following is the Cable Modem (Cable-TV) Working Group?

A. IEEE 802.9
B. IEEE 802.11
C. IEEE 802.14
D. IEEE 802.3

Answer: C

Q: 2
In buildings that will contain the telecommunications systems, NEC requirements address the adequate electrical environment for reliable and error-free operation of the installed equipment.

A. False
B. True

Answer: A

Q: 3
Between the late 60's and until 1984, what was the service that was to help architects and engineers better design and implement pathways and spaces in commercial buildings for telephone communications?


Answer: A

Q: 4
Which of the following should be used as a guideline for estimating space requirements of optical fiber and coaxial cable cross-connections in a TR?

A. 3 sq. in. for each fiber pair to be patched or cross-connected.
B. 2 sq. in. for each fiber pair to be patched or cross-connected.
C. 4 sq. in. for each fiber pair to be patched or cross-connected.
D. 1 sq. in. for each fiber pair to be patched or cross-connected.

Answer: B

Q: 5
Which of the following is the Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection

A. NFPA-780
B. NFPA-70
C. NFPA-72
D. NFPA-75

Answer: A

Q: 6
______ is the total opposition (resistance, capacitance, and inductance) a circuit, cable, or component offers to the flow of alternating current. A unit of measure expressed in ohms.

Answer: Impedance

Q: 7
The ability of a device, equipment, or system to perform without degradation in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance is called what?

A. Electromagnetic immunity.
B. Electromagnetic compatibility.
C. Electromagnetic induction.
D. Electromagnetic disturbance.

Answer: A

Q: 8
A product is listed after it successfully completes a series of which of the following test?

A. Mechanical
B. Regulatory codes
C. Electrical
D. Thermal

Answer: ACD

Q: 9
Distribution cable is that part of the loop that connects the customer location to the customer feeder cable.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A

Q: 10
ANSI/TIA/EIA-758 is the standard for which of the following?

A. Customer-Owned Outside Plant Telecommunications Cabling Standard.
B. Technical Specifications for 100 Ohm Screened Twisted Pair Cabling.
C. Propagation Delay and Delay Skew Specifications for 100-Ohm 4-Pair Cable.
D. Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard.

Answer: A

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