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HDI QQ0-301 Exam -

Free QQ0-301 Sample Questions:

1. Which three are required activities for a service desk manager when undertaking the financial management of the Service Desk? (Choose 3)
A.Budgeting calculations.
B.Unit costs calculations and analysis.
C.Return on investment calculations.
D.Stocks and Bonds calculations.
E.Staffing policies and procedures.
Answer: ABC

2. You have recently implemented structured information gathering for some aspects of the support offered by your team. What is the best description of this method of acquiring information? (Choose 1)
A.Asking the questions required to enable you to complete a task.
B.Asking questions in a predefined sequence and format.
C.Asking the questions that you have been told to ask.
D.Asking customers to use email when requesting assistance.
Answer: B

3. Which two of the following are key components of a marketing programme? (Choose 2)
A.Identifying the key customers.
B.Defining the message and communicating to the relevant audience.
C.Targeting messages to all IT.
D.Communication to all stakeholders in a similar manner.
E.Planning and scheduling ongoing communication.
Answer: BE

4. What is the primary objective of customer satisfaction surveys? (Choose 1)
A.Customer satisfaction surveys determine if the Service Desk is following the SLA.
B.Customer satisfaction surveys establish a basis for future pay rises.
C.Customer satisfaction surveys identify what customers feel is important.
D.Customer satisfaction surveys demonstrate to senior management that the Service Desk is in demand.
Answer: C

5. What is the best criterion to use when deciding the type of support to provide to a customer? (Choose 1)
A.Key performance indicators.
B.The customers authority level.
C.The incidents impact on the business.
D.The support resources available.
Answer: C

6. Customers seem reluctant to engage with SLAs. What two arguments can you use to convince them to become involved? (Choose 2)
A.SLAs will improve working relationships.
B.IT can always deliver what customers want.
C.IT will become more streamlined.
D.SLAs allow customers the opportunity to criticise IT.
E.IT can prioritise resources to address specific requirements.
Answer: AE

7. How would you measure the success of Problem Management? (Choose 2)
A.A reduced number of incidents at the Service Desk.
B.Reduced cost per call.
C.A reduced number of changes.
D.A reduction in the time taken to resolve known errors.
Answer: AD

8. Is it correct to say that in reality the Configuration Management Database must be accurate and up to date? (Choose 1)
B.Always, where possible.
C.Always, without exception.
D.Only if the CIs are comprehensive.
Answer: B

9. What is the best description of self-healing tools? (Choose 1)
A.Self-healing tools allow an analyst to control a customer desktop remotely.
B.Self-healing tools immediately dispatch an engineer when a customer makes a request.
C.Self-healing tools identify when a problem has occurred and automatically corrects it.
D.Self-healing tools remove the emotion from a support request.
Answer: C

10. What is the best explanation of strategic planning? (Choose 1)
A.Medium-term projects that are necessary to enable realisation of the long term projects.
B.Development of corporate strategies for promotion of services.
C.A long-term vision of what an organisation needs to achieve in order to meet its objectives.
D.The detailed plan for achieving the objectives set by the strategic plan.
Answer: C

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