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PRINCE2 PRINCE2-Foundation Exam -

Free PRINCE2-Foundation Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which product produced by the Project Manager would contain information on 'products completed in the period'?
A. Product Status Account
B. Checkpoint Report
C. Highlight Report
D. Exception Report
Answer: C

Q: 2
Which product would the Project Manager use for gathering Work Package progress information?
A. Highlight Report
B. Daily Log
C. Checkpoint Report
D. Product Status Account
Answer: C

Q: 3
Which of the following is FALSE regarding an Exception Report?
A. It describes a forecast deviation of stage or project level tolerance
B. It contains recovery options and a recommendation
C. It replaces a Stage Plan or Project Plan
D. It describes the consequences of the deviation
Answer: C

Q: 4
Which product produced at project closure would document any unfinished work, ongoing issues and risks?
A. Project closure notification
B. Benefits Review Plan
C. End Project Report
D. Risk Register
Answer: C

Q: 5
Which product would contain information on project and stage tolerance status, products completed during the period and a summary of actual or potential problems and risks?
A. Product Status Account
B. Communication Management Strategy
C. Highlight Report
D. Risk Register
Answer: C

Q: 6
What is a purpose of a Lessons Log?
A. Document and maintain information on issues
B. Note who should be sent copies of a Highlight Report
C. Note information from other projects which could be input to the project's strategies and plans
D. Document the results of quality checking activities
Answer: C

Q: 7
Please refer to A.9 in the PRINCE2 Manual. (A summary of issues and risks would be included but the End Stage Report is not used to 'capture and maintain' information regarding issues and risks.
This would be in the respective Registers.)
A. Capture and maintain information regarding issues and risks
B. Document the project's acceptance criteria
C. Escalate a stage-level tolerance threat to the Project Board
D. Give a summary of progress to date
Answer: D

Q: 8
What is a purpose of a Lessons Report?
A. Used to understand the detailed nature, purpose, function and appearance of a product
B. Allow the corporate group responsible for any quality management system to refine, change and improve the standards
C. Provide useful information regarding product status
D. Keep the Project Board and any other stakeholders informed of stage progress
Answer: B

Q: 9
What is a purpose of quality planning?
A. Provide information from the undertaking of the quality methods
B. Maintain the quality and approval records stemming from the planned quality checks
C. To produce the Project Plan with resource information
D. Identify the means by which quality will be achieved and assessed
Answer: D

Q: 10
What is a purpose of the Project Product Description?
A. Defines the reporting structure to be used by the project
B. Provides a reference to find out what the project is about and how it is being managed
C. Describes what the project has to produce to obtain customer acceptance
D. Provides input to the creation of the project mandate
Answer: C

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