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PostgreSQL CE PGCES-02 Exam -

Free PGCES-02 Sample Questions:

1. I would like to copy a database cluster directory for backup.
Select two incorrect statements from below.
A. The directory must be copied after stopping the database server.
B. When using the Tablespace function, it is necessary to back up the directory that stores the tablespace as well.
C. A database cluster that has been restored can be used on a separate machine with the same structure.
D. A database cluster that has been restored can be used on a newer version of PostgreSQL.
E. A database cluster that has been restored can be used on a older version of PostgreSQL.
Answer: D, E

2. Select the most suitable statement about the creation of a new database.
A. Only a PostgreSQL superuser is authorized to create a new database.
B. The target directory is specidied by the environment variable PGDATA or the -D parameter when creating a database.
C. Only one database can be used at the same time even if two or more databases are created.
D. Only the OS superuser (root) can create databases.
E. You can set the character encoding when creating a new database.
Answer: E

3. You have just added an option "listen_addresses='localhost'" in postgresql.conf. When will this setting take effect?
A. This change will take effect as soon as postgresql.conf is saved.
B. This change will take effect by executing "pg_ctl reload".
C. This change will take effect by executing "pg_ctl restart".
D. This change will take effect after rebooting the OS, because the new option is recorded as an OS parameter.
E. This setting is invalid unless the change is made while postmaster is stopped.
Answer: C

4. Select two incorrect statements concerning PostgreSQL license.
A. It can be used freely.
B. It can be duplicated freely.
C. It can be freely redistributed.
D. Developers are responsible for its maintenance support.
E. Developers are only responsible for handling its crucial faults.
Answer: D, E

5. Select two correct statements about the command shown below.
Note: $ is the command prompt.
$ dropdb -U foo foodb
A. If foo doesn't have the OS superuser privilege, an error will occur.
B. If any table definition remains in database foodb, an error will occur.
C. This command removes database foodb.
D. This command removes all of the objects inside the database foodb.
E. The same process can be performed using the SQL command "DROP DATABASE".
Answer: C, E

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