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APC PB0-100 Exam -

Free PB0-100 Sample Questions:

1. A site requires UPS power to feed a combination of desktop computers, existing rack mount server loads, and non-rack loads. Assume 35kW of combined load (20kW for servers and 15kW for PCs), and a three-phase available source.
What is the highest available, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-maintain solution?
A. all Smart-UPS and Back-UPS
B. one 40kW traditional UPS with one PDU for each load type
C. one 20kW three-phase single-module UPS system for each type of load
D. one 40kW N+1 Symmetra PX with overhead (to servers) and under-floor (desktop and non-rack loads) distribution
Answer: D

2. An office building has a chiller plant that supplies chilled water throughout the building for general cooling of the occupied spaces. The chilled water is not available outside regular business hours. A tenant is planning to occupy an office in the building. The new tenant has a computer room for their IT support equipment that occupies 10 racks at an average loading of 2.7kW per rack and runs 24 hours a day.
Which solution provides the greatest efficiency and reliability for the computer room?
A. roof-top unit
B. chilled-water unit
C. ceiling-mounted unit
D. glycol-cooled unit with economizer
E. refrigerant-based unit with secondary chilled-water coil
Answer: E

3. Which type of air conditioner is the most cost-effective to cool a closet with a 2kW heat load in one rack?
A. spot cooler
B. ceiling mount
C. chilled-water upflow
D. chilled-water downflow
E. glycol-cooled downflow
Answer: A

4. A company just moved into an office building and wants to set up a data center. To receive the greatest availability, they do not want to rely on the building's other cooling systems. The data center must be up and running quickly and for the lowest cost possible.
Which system meets these requirements?
A. air cooled
B. chilled water
C. water cooled
D. glycol cooled
Answer: A

5. After replacing a company's tower servers with new 1U servers, the processing capacity has increased but so have the number of hot spots. The air conditioning capacity is sufficient, and the facility has a raised-floor plenum.
How can the hot spots be eliminated without increasing the flow-rate from the computer room air conditioner?
A. install a rack-top fan
B. install a Rack Air Distribution Unit
C. install an up-flow air conditioner
D. change the air entrance to the front of the racks
Answer: B

6. An enterprise data center manager is in charge of 47 production servers, several switches, hubs, routers, and workstations.
The computer room is backed up by a Symmetra PX 40kW with an external battery cabinet, giving a runtime of about 22 minutes at full load. They do not have a generator. Forty-two of the 47 servers are critical, and the manager wants to shut them down gracefully using his LAN, in order to not damage the operating systems.
Which application would you recommend?
A. Enterprise Manager
B. PowerChute Business Edition
C. PowerChute Network Shutdown
D. PowerChute Professional Edition
Answer: C

7. A telecom facility's computer room has 29 computers with various operating systems. The IT manager has a wide area network and wants graceful shutdowns of his five critical production servers. You find that the critical production servers are running Novell NetWare, and the non-critical workstations are running Windows and UNIX. They are using a Smart-UPS and want to shut down the servers via serial communication.
Which solution is appropriate?
A. install PowerChute Business Edition for Novell on each server and connect them to a Share-UPS
B. install PowerChute Network Shutdown for Novell on each server and connect then to a Share-UPS
C. install PowerChute Business Edition for Novell on each workstation and connect them to a Share-UPS
D. install PowerChute Network Shutdown for Novell on each workstation and connect them to a Share-UPS
Answer: A

8. The basement air conditioning unit leaks water onto the data center floor. The facility manager wants to install a water sensor in the data center's basement and receive e-mail notification through the company's LAN when there is water on the floor. The water sensor uses only normally open or normally closed contacts when water is detected.
What should the facility manager do?
A. connect a Network Management Card for e-mail notification
B. install PowerNet Manager on an available computer for e-mail notification
C. connect a Building Management Card to the water sensor for e-mail notification
D. connect an Environmental Monitoring Unit to the water sensor for e-mail notification
Answer: D

9. An enterprise printing facility wants to monitor its remote closet UPS solution for any change of status. Their primary form of communication is Modbus, and they would like a way to communicate all of the UPS information through this protocol.
What should you install to solve this problem?
A. Building Management Card
B. Network Management Card
C. Environment Monitoring Card
D. Out of Band Management Card
Answer: A

10. Traditionally, what is the main reason for over sizing a data center?
A. Single points of failure can be eliminated.
B. The risk of being exposed to downtime during expansion is eliminated.
C. The cost of increasing capacity during the data center's lifecycle is very high.
D. The in-rush current of today's servers are increasing and require extra capacity to handle.
Answer: C

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