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IBM P6040-014 Exam -

Free P6040-014 Sample Questions:

1. How many USB ports are available on the IBM SurePOS 5x5?
A. five
B. nine
C. three
D. sevenWArialMangalZ
Answer: B

2. What are three Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) for the main system display? (Choose three.)
A. the video card
B. the front bezel
C. the LCD assembly
D. the video memory
E. the entire display
F. the backlight bulbsWArialCourierCourier NewMangalZX
Answer: B, C, E

3. Which type of processor is in the IBM SurePOS 5x5 models?
A. 2.0GHz Celeron processor
B. 2.53GHz Celeron D processor
C. 3.60GHz Pentium D processor
D. 3.73GHz Pentium 4 processorWArialMangalZ
Answer: B

4. Which three processor characteristics are found in the IBM SurePOS 5x5 series? (Choose three.)
A. It is non-socketed.
B. It operates at 2.53GHz.
C. It has an Intel chipset.
D. It has a 533MHz frontside bus.
E. It has an Integrated Graphics Processor.
F. It does not support multi-media applications.WArialMangalZ
Answer: B, C, D

5. What is the technology called that cools critical IBM SurePOS 500 system components?
A. cooling wind technology
B. cooling pipe technology
C. mobile cooling technology
D. cooling tunnel technologyWArialMangalZ
Answer: D

6. What are two advantages of the infrared technology used in the IBM SurePOS 5x5? (Choose two.)
A. It is the most economical to mass produce.
B. Field calibration is only required once a year.
C. Infrared touch screens have an unlimited number of touches.
D. It provides the best overall image quality of any touch technology.
E. A special coating makes infrared touch screens easier to clean than other technologies.WArialMangalZ
Answer: C, D

7. How is dual-channel memory implemented?
A. use the BIOS settings by pressing F2 as the system boots
B. use the utilities and choose the dual-channel memory option
C. update the config.sys file with "Dual-channel memory ON" statement
D. use matched DIMMs that are identical in terms of speed, size, and manufacturerWArialMangalZ
Answer: D

8. Which two statements are true about "dual-channel memory enabled" technology? (Choose two)
A. It makes use of virtual RAM.
B. It doubles the capacity of feeding data to the processor.
C. It has two sets of memory slots (two each) on the system board.
D. It is the equivalent of having two pipelines to the processor rather than one.
E. It partitions a portion of the hard disk drive to be used as an additional memory cache.WArialMangalZ
Answer: B, D

9. Which three improvements have been realized in the touch screen implemented in the IBM SurePOS 5x5 models? (Choose three.)
A. The touch area has been enlarged.
B. It has improved sunlight immunity.
C. The sensitivity of the touch can be regulated.
D. It has a second generation touch-controller chipset.
E. The touch firmware is flash upgradeable in the field.
F. It has an anti-glare coating that is almost imperceptible.WArialMangalZ
Answer: B, D, E

10. Which three Field Upgradeable Units exemplify the "virtually tool-less" design of the IBM SurePOS 5x5? (Choose three.)
A. I/O cover
B. processor
C. system board
D. display panel
E. optional secondary video adapter
F. integrated 2x20 customer displayWArialMangalZ
Answer: A, C, D

11. What does improved serviceability refer to in relation to the IBM SurePOS 5x5 models?
A. having the virtually tool-less design of several components
B. having on-site service, 24 hours a day, five days a week, next day response time
C. having on-site service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, same day response time
D. having rigorously tested each component used in the systems to ensure a longer life spanWArialMangalZ
Answer: A

12. Which type of hard disk drive is standard on all models of the IBM SurePOS 500 Series Models 545 and 565?
D. 80GB SATA II WArialMangalZ
Answer: D

13. Which is the standard touch screen LCD type and size on the IBM SurePOS 5x5?
A. dual-bulb, 15 inch (1024x768)
B. dual-bulb, 17 inch (1280x1024)
C. High Bright, 12.1 inch (800x600)
D. single-bulb, 12.1 inch (800x600)WArialMangalZ
Answer: A

14. Which display sizes are available on the IBM SurePOS 5x5 models?
A. 12 inch color, 15 inch color, 17 inch color
B. 15 inch color, 17 inch color, 19 inch color
C. 12 inch monochrome, 15 inch color, 17 inch color
D. 15 inch monochrome, 15 inch color, 17 inch colorWArialMangalZ
Answer: A

15. What are four optional features for the IBM SurePOS 5x5? (Choose four.)
A. presence sensor
B. three-track MSR
C. video adapter card
D. internal CD-ROM drive
E. 512MB of system memory
F. 4GB embedded modular flash drive
G. compact ANPOS keyboardWArialMangalZ
Answer: B, C, F, G

16. Which three features are found on the IBM SurePOS 565 but NOT on the SurePOS 545? (Choose three.)
A. PC card slot
B. headphone jack
C. microphone jack
D. dual-channel memory
E. modular flash drive
F. internal CD-ROM driveWArialMangalZ
Answer: A, B C

17. What is one of the differences between IBM SurePOS Model 545 and Model 565?
A. Model 545 does not have a PC Card slot; the 565 does have a PC Card slot.
B. Model 545 has 512MB of memory standard; the 565 has 1GB of memory standard.
C. Model 545 has a 20GB SATA II hard disk drive; the 565 has an 80GB SATA II hard disk drive.
D. Model 545 has only one USB port on the display; the 565 has three USB ports on the display.WArialMangalZ
Answer: A

18. What is one of the differences between IBM SurePOS Model 545 and Model 565?
A. Model 565 has dedicated video memory.
B. Model 545 does not have audio capability.
C. Model 545 can be ordered with an internal floppy drive.
D. Model 565 can be ordered with a 4GB embedded flash drive.WArialMangalZ
Answer: B

19. Where is the RJ45 MSR connector located on the IBM SurePOS 5x5?
A. on the rear connector panel
B. on the back side of the display panel
C. integrated into the system unit (tower) behind the display panel
D. integrated into the right side of the system unit (tower) as it is facing the operatorWArialMangalZ
Answer: B

20. How many unpowered serial ports are there on the IBM SurePOS 5x5?
A. Both models have two unpowered serial ports.
B. Both models have three unpowered serial ports.
C. Model 545 has two unpowered serial ports and model 565 has three unpowered serial ports.
D. Model 545 has three unpowered serial ports and model 565 has four unpowered serial ports.WArialMangalZ
Answer: B

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