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IBM P2020-014 Exam -

Free P2020-014 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An administrator applied a patch to the C&DS installation and started the server. A user, using the Deployment Manager windows client, is complaining that an issue that the patch should have fixed in the client is not working. What should the administrator check to resolve this?
A. Ensure the user downloaded and manually installed the corresponding client patch.
B. Verify if the client license is still valid.
C. The only way to install a client update is to re-download the Deployment Manager client from the server. Make sure that this has been done.
D. Ensure the user restarted the Deployment Manager Windows client, after having received a version update message.
Answer: D

Q: 2
If the keystore file that is generated during the C&DS installation is inadvertently deleted from the system, which of the following steps must be performed to recover?
A. Execute the genkey utility within the <C&DS_Install>\bin directory.
B. Enable encryption within the Tools => Security menu.
C. Manually create a new keystore file in the expected location.
D. C&DS will need to be reinstalled.
Answer: D

Q: 3
If problems occur during C&DS 5.0 repository configuration, which directory contains the log files to review for errors?
A. <C&DS 5 Repository installation directory>/install/log
B. <C&DS 5 Repository installation directory>/log
C. <C&DS 5 Repository installation directory>/config/log
D. <C&DS 5 Repository installation directory>/debug/ConfigTool/log
Answer: B

Q: 4
R&D fixed an issue with Modeler integration in Deployment Manager client. A Fix Pack has been released. For which product and which fix should the customer look on Fix Central?
A. Product: C&DS; Fix Pack for C&DS Server
B. Product: C&DS; Fix Pack for C&DS Adapter
C. Product: Modeler; Fix Pack for Modeler Server
D. Product: Modeler; Fix Pack for Modeler Adapter
Answer: D

Q: 5
If the 'Data Collection Execution Server' entry is not listed as a Type when attempting to define a new Server Definition, which of the following steps would you recommend to a customer to resolve it?
A. Restart the application server for C&DS.
B. Verify the a connection to Data Collection can be established.
C. Verify the Data Collection Adapter is applied to C&DS.
D. Restart the database that houses the C&DS repository.
Answer: C

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