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Network Appliance NS0-530 Exam -

Free NS0-530 Sample Questions:

1. Which two key policies allow for all keys to be pre-generated and replicated to the DR site? (Choose two.)
A. key per tape
B. key per pool
C. Global Pool with single key
D. periodic disk rekey
Answer: B, C

2. DataFort allows signing of logs to verify ______. (Choose three.)
A. that a message is authentic
B. the source of a log message
C. the timestamp of a log message
D. that messages are going to the remote server
E. that the remote logging server has proper ACLs
Answer: A, B, C

3. What are three valid forced media type and duplex mode settings on the DataFort? (Choose three.)
A. 1000baseTX, full-duplex
B. 1000baseTX, half-duplex
C. 100baseTX, full-duplex
D. 100baseTX, half-duplex
E. 10baseTX, half-duplex
Answer: A, C, D

4. An FC1020 supports about how much total throughput?
A. 250 MB/s
B. 1 GB/s
C. 2 GB/s
D. 5 GB/s
E. 10 GB/s
Answer: B

5. Which two statements about disk and tape I/O are true? (Choose two.)
A. Disk and tape I/O can be combined through the same standalone DataFort.
B. Disk and tape I/O can be combined through the same cluster but not through the same DataFort.
C. Disk and tape I/O cannot be combined through the same standalone DataFort.
D. Disk and tape I/O can be combined through the same cluster.
Answer: C, D

6. When initializing a new DataFort or replacing a failed DataFort, which statement about the System Card for SAN 2.x is true?
A. You need an uninitialized V147 System Card.
B. You need a fully initialized V147 System Card.
C. You need an uninitialized V144 System Card.
D. You need a fully initialized V144 System Card.
E. You need an uninitialized V103 System Card.
Answer: A

7. Which two defense setting changes are allowed in DataFort? (Choose two.)
A. Basic to Medium
B. Basic to High
C. High to Medium
D. High to Basic
Answer: A, B

8. Which is an advantage of an asymmetric cryptosystem as compared to a symmetric cryptosystem?
A. stronger asymmetric keys of the same length
B. public key distribution
C. better performance
D. truly random keys
Answer: B

9. Which three are required to perform data recovery at a site that does not have a DataFort appliance? (Choose three.)
A. a copy of the Decru Data Decryption software
B. the appropriate key exported as a file from LKM
C. a full admin password to the DataFort that created the key used to encrypt the data
D. the password for the exported key file
Answer: A, B, D

10. Which DataFort command generates a syslog message without disrupting I/O?
A. disk rescan
B. host rescan
C. system log restart
D. system reboot -p
Answer: C

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