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Network Appliance NS0-170 Exam -

Free NS0-170 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 A complete listing of Network Appliance support centers is available at _____.
D. NetCache online help
Answer: C

Q: 2 The NetCache appliance may be used for all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. HTTP URL filtering
B. SMTP proxy
C. DNS caching
D. NFS caching
Answer: B

Q: 3 Which TWO vendors?content filtering databases are supported on the NetCache?
A. SurfControl
B. WebWasher
C. Secure Computing
D. TrendMicro
Answer: B, C

Q: 4 Which one of the following services is not a service supported by ICAP?
A. Virus scanning of content received through HTTP.
B. Virus scanning of email content
C. URL filtering
D. Active content stripping
Answer: B
Q: 5 Network Appliance field alerts _______ and _________.
A. are available at ""
B. may be received via email
C. are available at ""
D. replace autosupport
Answer: B, C

Q: 6 Network Appliance maintains a record of customer product information on the NOW site and this data is ______ .
A. available to anyone with NOW access
B. only available to authorized users
C. available only during business hours
D. only available to NetApp support staff
Answer: B

Q: 7 Which one of the following NetCache appliances has a maximum storage capacity of 504G Bytes?
A. C1200
B. C2100
C. C6200
D. All the above
Answer: B

Q: 8 Which TWO of the following statements are equivalent?
A. set config.http.ports "8080" "8081"
B. set config.http.ports \\ 8080 8081 \\
C. set config.http.ports // 8080 , 8081 \\
D. set config.http.ports "8080 , 8081"
Answer: A, B

Q: 9 Which one of the following methods can be used to manage the NetCache appliance but cannot be used to access the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
A. Console
B. Telnet
C. rsh
Answer: D

Q: 10 Which command would you use to see the available option choices for the show config.http.acl command?
A. help
B. show config.http.acl.?
C. config.acl help
D. help config.acl
Answer: B

Q: 11 When configuring a NetCache as a reverse proxy, you must ____ .
A. write one or more acceleration rules
B. reconfigure the client's browser
C. write one or more ACLs
D. have an acceleration license
Answer: A

Q: 12 When configured as an accelerator, the NetCache appliance is typically located close to the ______.
A. client(s)
B. gateway
C. server
D. resolver
Answer: C

Q: 13 The traceroute command is used to ____.
A. report interface activity in Kbps
B. show the state of each interface
C. print the route packets take to a network host
D. display a list of active sockets for each protocol
Answer: C

Q: 14 You must ___ to reach the NetCache firmware prompt ("OK prompt").
A. press Esc
B. enter the halt command
C. set the environment variable, floppy-boot?, to off
D. enter the prompt command
Answer: B

Q: 15 The _____ command displays performance statistics, such as the current CPU usage, the amount of network I/O, and the amount of disk I/O.
A. ifstat
B. netstat
C. stat
D. sysstat
Answer: D

Q: 16 The NetCache appliance's clock can ________ and ________
A. NOT be synchronized with a remote server
B. be synchronized with NTP servers
C. be synchronized with Windows domain controllers
D. be synchronized with RDATE servers
Answer: B, D

Q: 17 Which one is the CLI equivalent command for installing, committing, and rebooting a NetCache software image from the NetCache GUI assuming the server path is
A. install
B. download -i -c -r
C. install -dcr
D. download -icr
Answer: C

Q: 18 Which one of the following access methods will maintain boot messages across reboots?
C. Telnet
D. Console
Answer: D

Q: 19 The backup/restore options in the Maintenance section of the Appliance Manager are used to backup and restore _____ .
A. log files only
B. configuration files only
C. log files and configuration files
D. specified cached data
Answer: B

Q: 20 The console password can only be changed via _____ .
A. floppy disk
B. the console
C. rsh
D. the Appliance Manager
Answer: B

Q: 21 The best place to find information regarding a log header, such as x-cs-headerlength, is the _____.
A. Deployment Guide
B. Guide to Messages and Logfile Entries
C. Guide to Caching Protocols and Services
D. Administration Guide
Answer: B

Q: 22 Which one of the following is the correct command to download software to the NetCache?
A. install -dc
B. download -dl
C. set software -dc
D. config install -dl
Answer: B

Q: 23 Once created, NetCache groups _____.
A. may not be edited
B. must be used for authentication
C. are required to match existing groups on the authentication server
D. may be edited to revise names, permissions, or ACLs
Answer: D

Q: 24 When configuring NTLM authentication you must specify the _____.
A. UNIX computer to use
B. Windows domain controller to use
C. RADIUS server
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Q: 25 To add a user to the appliance database, you must enter the _____ and the _____ .
A. user name
B. access permissions
C. password
D. group
Answer: A, C

Q: 26 What will happen as a result of executing the following ACL?
redirect "" url
A. Requests for will be redirected to
B. Requests for either or will be redirected to the NetCache.
C. Requests for will be redirected to
D. Requests for will be rewritten using the information at
Answer: C

Q: 27 Which one of the following ACLs will allow requests from the Engineering group to
A. allow group "engineering" and server-name
B. allow groupname "engineering"and server-name matches "\.netapp\.com$"
C. allow groupname "engineering"and server-name
D. allow group "engineering"and server-domain
Answer: A

Q: 28 NetCache appliances use RAID ___ with ___ parity disk(s) and ____ or more data disks.
A. 5, 1, 1
B. 4, 1, 1
C. 4, 2, 2
D. DP, 2, 1
Answer: B

Q: 29 A C2100 appliance uses _____ to _____ disk drives.
A. one, seven
B. two, seven
C. one, three
D. two, three
Answer: B

Q: 30 The system messages are _____ .
A. written to a log file that can be rotated at scheduled intervals
B. printed on the console and can be sent in "real time" to a remote syslog server
C. written to a log file that can be rotated at any time
D. written to a log file that can be pushed to a remote FTP server at scheduled intervals
Answer: B

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