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Teradata NR0-012 Exam -

Free NR0-012 Sample Questions:

NO 1
In the table definition, what does the use of the free space parameter allow you to reserve.

A. space within a cylinder during loading
B. cylinder for further expansion of tables
C. space within block during loading
D. cylinders for spool to be used by the users

Answer: A

NO 2
A Partitioned Primary Index would be defined during which stage of modeling design?

A. Logical Data Modeling
B. Entity-Relationship Modeling
C. Business information Modeling
D. Physical Data Modeling

Answer: D

NO 3
Of the following, which are three factual statements regarding Visual EXPLAIN? (Choose three)

A. may be used on any SQL statement, except EXPLAIN
B. identifies what the Optimizer chooses not why
C. identifies what the Optimizer chooses and why
D. translates Optimizer output (the parse tree) into icons
E. may be used on any SQL statement, including EXPLAIN.

Answer: A, B, D

NO 4
which two of the following are conditions for changing Partition definitions using an ALTER TABLE statement? (Choose two)

A. Is populated and the ALTER TABLE statements are adding partitions to either the beginning or the end of the table
B. Is defined with a NUPI
C. Is empty and not in use
D. Is populated, but no updates are running

Answer: A, C

NO 5
When dynamic AMP Sampling is used, which three of the following are utilized to work out the number of rows in a table? (Choose three)

A. number of AMPs in the configuration
B. number of disk arrays in the configuration
C. average number of rows per block in the sampled cylinder
D. number of nodes in the configuration
E. number of data blocks in the sampled cylinder

Answer: A, C, E

NO 6
When collected statistics are available the Optimizer can estimate costs more accurately, and build more aggressive join plans. What expression would suggest that statistics are absent in an EXPLAIN?

A. High confidence...
B. A table is duplicated on all AMPS...
C. No confidence....
D. Statistics are needed...

Answer: C

NO 7
Which two of the following would make the joining of a Partitioned Primary Index (PPI) table to a Non-Partitioned Primary Index (NPPI) table more efficient? (Choose two)

A. choosing primary index columns that minimize row redistributions
B. designing PPI tables to have fewer rather than more rows per partition
C. designing the partitions so that each partition has the same number of rows
D. designing the partitions so that the most common WHERE conditions eliminate the most partitions.

Answer: A, D

NO 8
Which three menu options are accessible when you use Visual EXPLAIN? (Choose three)

A. Replace Execution Plans
B. Show Connectors
C. Explain Textual Difference
D. Open Plan from Database

Answer: B, C, D

NO 9
Considering the nested view situation where ViewY references TableA, which three privileges are required? (Choose three)

User1 accesses ViewY
User2 owns ViewY
Database VMDB owns ViewX
Database DBX owns TableA

A. User2 has privileges on ViewX WITH GRANT option.
B. Database VMDB has privileges on TableA WITH GRANT option.
C. User1 has privileges on a ViewY
D. User1 has privileges on TableA.

Answer: A, B, C

NO 10
All possible cylinders on the system can be retrieved using which operation?


Answer: B

NO 11
The Index Wizard performs which three of the following functions? (Choose three)

A. recommends Partitioned Primary Indexes based on specified workloads.
B. recommends adding indexes based on specified workloads
C. recommends dropping the indexes that may not be necessary
D. automatically drops existing indexes based on the workload
E. automatically creates DDL statements for recommended indexes

Answer: B, C, E

NO 12
Why is it advantageous for a query to access a view that performs aggregation, instead of accessing a table that stores the aggregations?

A. The aggregation may be used by other queries
B. The aggregation is always current with the data in the database
C. The aggregation is independent of the underlying tables
D. The aggregation is calculated only once and stored in a derived table.

Answer: B

NO 13
Which statement is true if the following phrase is included in an EXPLAIN output: "by way of a traversal of index #n extracting row ids only"

A. A spool file is built from rowed values found in a secondary index (Index#n).
B. A spool file is built from the rowhash found in the cylinder index.
C. Rowid values are accessed in memory without the need for a spool file.
D. A temporary file is accessed with rowed values found in a secondary Index (index #n).

Answer: A

NO 14
To determine space requirements for NUSIs, what are three factors that is utilized? (Choose three)

A. Fallback
B. Number of NULL values
C. Number of nodes in the system
D. Cardinality
E. Index value size

Answer: A, D, E

NO 15
When electing to denormalize a table, which are two factors you should think about? (Choose two)

A. cardinality
B. volatility
C. connectivity
D. performance

Answer: B, D

NO 16
Why is the Product Joins chosen by Optimizer for all Join conditions except equality?

A. They are more efficient
B. Hash values cannot be used in a greater than (>) or less than (<) compare.
C. Duplicating a small table is usually more efficient than hashing, redistributing, and sorting tables on the hash of the join condition
D. They require less setup (redistribution and sorts)

Answer: B

NO 17
Which join method is the Optimizer employing when it elects to cache one table and join it by hash to an unsorted spool?

A. Hash Join
B. Nested Join
C. Merge Join
D. Product Join

Answer: A

NO 18
Which action by the system is enabled by the use of the following SQL option: Locking row no wait

A. immediate access to the row
B. abort requesting task on a wait
C. down grade to an access lock
D. abort holding lock on a wait

Answer: B

NO 19
Of the following, which are two Referential Integrity options accessible in the ALTER TABLE command? (Choose two)

A. WITH CHECK option

Answer: A, E

NO 20
Which of the following are two types of columns that is supported with compression? (Choose two)

A. integer
B. identity
C. date
D. primary index
E. variable length

Answer: A, C

NO 21
Which two of the following statements are true if an EXPLAIN output contains the following phrase? (Choose two)
"with high confidence"

A. One input relation has high confidence and the other has low confidence
B. Restricting conditions exist on an index that has collected statistics but is ORed with another column having collected statistics.
C. One input relation has high confidence and the other has high or index join confidence
D. Restricting conditions exist on an index or column that has collected statistics.

Answer: C, D

NO 22
Spool files are required for which three join methods? (Choose three)

A. Product Join
B. Merge Join
C. Nested Join
D. Exclusion Merge Join

Answer: A, B, D

NO 23
Of the following, which three statements pertaining to COLLECT STATISTICS are true? (Choose three)

A. Multi-column collection can be done at the column level without creating an index.
B. Statistics can be collected on a maximum of 512 columns und indexes per table.
C. Statistics can be collected on a maximum of 40 columns and indexes per table.
D. Statistics can be calculated using a sample of the table data.
E. Statistics can be useful in determining which AMPs will be accessed for query processing.

Answer: A, B, D

NO 24
Which three of the following statements pertaining to multi-value compression are correct? (Choose three)

A. NULLs must be the first value in a multivalue list.
B. Values can appear in any order.
C. NULL cannot appear in the list if the column is declared NOT NULL
D. Maximum number of distinct constant values in the list is 255 plus nulls.
E. A value list may contain duplicates.

Answer: B, C, D

NO 25
Of the following, which is the type of join that locates a single row using a unique value, then uses the join condition value from the acquired row to access another table using an index?

A. Nested Join
B. Hash Join
C. Product Join
D. Merge Join
E. Indexed Join

Answer: A

NO 26
When you compress multiple values for a column, where is it stored?

A. in the table header
B. in the row header
C. in the presence bytes
D. in the column header

Answer: A

NO 27
In the CREATETABLE statement, what are three applicable DATABLOCKSIZE options? (Choose three)


Answer: A, B, E

NO 28
What curtails row redistributions when a table has a multi-column (composite) primary key?

A. Using an identify column to ensure that the rows are evenly distributed
B. Avoiding creating secondary indexes on any column other than the columns included in the primary key.
C. defining a NUPI over the columns most frequently joined.
D. Defining a UPI over the primary key columns to get better row distribution

Answer: C

NO 29
When you create a primary index, which three of the following options should be taken into consideration? (Choose three)

A. Primary index values should not be subject to change
B. Very non-unique values can cause premature "database full" conditions.
C. Columns frequently used for row selection are good candidates
D. If third normal form you must use a primary key
E. Duplicate values are not stored in the same block

Answer: A, B, C

NO 30
What are two accurate statements concerning multiple value-list compression (VLC)? (Choose two)

A. VLC reduces the table header size
B. VLC improves response time for table scans.
C. VLC reduce disk I/O time
D. VLC decreases storage capacity

Answer: B, C

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