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Nokia NO0-002 Exam -

Free NO0-002 Sample Questions:

1. Which scenarios duplicate every component in your design so that the system can continue to operate in case of failure of any one component?
A. Use a clustered firewall with two separate Cisco switches, one for internal, one for external.
B. Use a clustered firewall with two Cisco switches, one attached with VLANs to the inside and outside of the first firewall, one attached with VLANs to the inside and outside of the second firewall. The Cisco switches bridge to each other internal to internal and external to external. There is no spanning tree.
C. Use two serial links into two Cisco routers, into two firewalls into two internal Cisco routers. There are no shared networks, but the Cisco pair, firewall pair, and internal Cisco pair each have point to point links between them. The whole system runs OSPF.  There is no clustering, but FW1 state sync is configured.
Answer: BC

2. What statement about security practices is NOT true?
A. Your system is only as secure as its weakest link.
B. Many Nokia channel partners can provide a complete security audit and system.
C. Human factors, such as password choice, can be as important as choosing the right equipment.
D. The security administrator only needs to monitor log files when the firewall software sends an alert email.
Answer: D

3. Which statement is true about restoring a backup set to a newly replaced unit?
A. The restore must be initiated from the bootmanager.
B. Restoring a backup requires serial login to the IP platform.
C. The firewall must have its license installed before restore is run.
D. The replaced disk must be exactly the same size as the failed disk.
E. The replacement firewall must have the save software and software version of the failed firewall.
Answer: E

4. Which command is valid within clish?
A. ipsoinfo
B. netstat -a
C. show route
D. show config
Answer: C

5. Which three aspects of the Nokia solution provide cost benefits vs. using Checkpoint FW1 on the Windows platform? (Choose three.)
A. the ability to manage the system using a lightweight VNC session
B. the ability to integrate out of the box with dynamically routed networks
C. the ability to manage policy remotely via the Checkpoint SMART Dashboard
D. the ability to scale the solution using dynamically load-balanced Nokia clustering
E. the ability to manage the system using a lightweight ssh session or serial console
Answer: BDE

6. Which Layer 2 role can Nokia IPSO platforms fulfill?
A. Bridging
B. Spanning Tree
C. Frame Relay Switching
D. Network Address Translation
Answer: A

7. When you save the current configuration in Voyager, this is written to a single file on disk in which directory?
A. /etc
B. flash:
C. /config
D. /var/etc
E. /config/db
Answer: E

8. When you apply changes to the current configuration in Voyager, some system files such as the hosts file are immediately rebuilt so that packages can find the information more easily. Where are these files kept?
A. /etc
B. flash
C. /image
D. /var/etc
E. /config/db
Answer: D

9. Which is NOT a valid IPSO boot-manager command?
A. ls
B. boot
C. setenv
D. sysinfo
E. raidinfo
Answer: E

10. Which IPSO root ( / ) level directories are actually read-write partitions? (Choose the ONE answer that lists ALL of the right partitions.)
A. /config, /var
B. /config, /opt, /var
C. /config, /image, /var
D. /config, /image, /opt, /var
E. /config, /etc, /image, /opt, /var/etc, /var/log
Answer: B

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