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Motorola Solutions MSC-235 Exam -

Free MSC-235 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are planning to add a new site to an existing Connect Plus network. What is the correct sequence in which to perform the logical steps below?
1. Program new frequency file into a number of testing subscriber units.
2. Test the system using testing subscriber units.
3. Configure the new Site Controller.
4. Physically install the RF equipment and IP-Backbone equipment.
5. Update multisite tables at all sites and verify multisite connectivity for the new site.
6. Distribute the new frequency file OTA to the network.
7. Create a new network frequency file.
8. Make any necessary changes based on testing results.
A. 3-2-5-7-1-4-6-8
B. 4-3-5-7-1-2-8-6
C. 4-5-3-2-1-8-7-6
D. 4-3-5-7-1-2-6-8
Answer: D

Q: 2
A customer has the following requirement: when the radio user presses the programmed Emergency button on the subscriber, an emergency call will be started. This emergency call will be joined by all users on the same talkgroup at the same site, but it will not propagate to other sites, even if the same talkgroup is registered at other sites. Can this requirement be met in a Connect Plus system?
A. No
B. Yes, this can be implemented using Emergency Alerts
C. Yes, if Site All Call is used as the Emergency Revert Group
D. Yes, using a custom Option Board
Answer: C

Q: 3
You are discussing link bandwidth capacity with a new multisite Connect Plus customer. You explain that certain items, when added to a system, may impact the amount of bandwidth required.
Which of the following places the most additional demand on your network?
A. The number of repeater timeslots at the site which are reserved for multisite calls
B. Continuous use of the Network Manager Real Time Display
C. The update interval or cadence of GPS location updates
D. The number of sites that audio must be shared with
Answer: D

Q: 4
You are designing a multisite Connect Plus system with 12 sites. There are 8 repeaters at each site. The customer wants to know how channel priority works. They are concerned about how the system handles multiple transmissions across sites for the same talkgroup call, such as when multiple subscribers at different sites key up simultaneously during hangtime. Which of the following is the BEST explanation to provide the customer?
A. The priority of the individual users determines whose transmissions are heard and whose attempts are preempted.
B. The Master site controller for the call determines which audio stream is distributed to all involved sites.
C. Site Controllers use the multisite Arbitration Time to delay audio and make it more likely that the same audio will be heard at all sites in a multisite call.
D. Repeaters use a configurable jitter buffer to ensure that the same audio is heard at all sites.
Answer: C

Q: 5
Your customer has a large IP Site Connect system that they wish to migrate to a Connect Plus system.
The system was installed and configured about 2 years ago. They have approximately 800 portable MOTOTRBO subscriber radios that they would like to use in the new system. From the selections below, pick THREE things your customer should know about repurposing these subscribers for use with Connect Plus (select THREE)?
A. These subscribers may not be used with a new Connect Plus system.
B. Option boards must be purchased for and installed in each subscriber.
C. If necessary, Radio IDs must be changed to fall into the range of 1 through 64,351,454.
D. Subscriber’s main board firmware will need to be updated.
E. If necessary, Radio IDs must be changed to fall into the range of 1 through 16,776,351.
Answer: B,D,E

Q: 6
Your customer is a large utility company that will have three Connect Plus sites and a total of approximately 600 subscribers. They want to utilize Emergency Alert at one site, Emergency Voice at another site, and inhibit the use of the emergency feature for all users at another site.
Which of the following BEST describes the possibility of implementing this with a Connect Plus system?
A. Yes, this is possible. The radios must be site-restricted to the same sites as other radios that share their emergency programming.
B. Yes, this is possible. The subscribers will have to select a different default emergency revert group that corresponds to the site that they are operating in. They must switch to this group when they register at the new site.
C. Yes, this is possible. Each site should have a corresponding Connect Plus zone in the subscriber’s option board codeplug.
D. No, this is not possible with a Connect Plus system.
Answer: C

Q: 7
You are adding a new site to an existing Connect Plus system. The four existing sites are in a level, rural area with minimal to no coverage overlap. The new site will be in an urban area with many tall structures. Will adding this site require configuration changes to the subscriber radios, and, if so, what type of changes?
A. Yes. A new Connect Plus Option Board will need to be installed in the subscribers.
B. No. The changes will only be necessary at the network level, not the subscriber level.
C. Yes. A new version of the network frequency file must be created and distributed to the subscribers. In addition, the differing topology of the new site may require changes to the Roaming and Search settings in the subscribers.
D. Yes. A new version of the Connect Plus option board codeplug must be created and distributed to the subscribers. The differing topology of the new site may require additional changes to the power-level settings in the subscribers.
Answer: D

Q: 8
A security-conscious client asks about the capabilities of a subscriber that is disabled from the network. All of the following are correct, EXCEPT:
A. Disabled subscribers cannot receive system text messages
B. Disabled subscribers cannot receive calls
C. Disabled subscribers cannot initiate calls
D. Disabled subscribers cannot respond to location updates
Answer: D

Q: 9
A customer wants to build a private IP network to link their 5-site Connect Plus system. Which of the following are the most important considerations and/or requirements (select TWO)?
A. Network jitter should not exceed 60 ms.
B. Repeaters require a static IP on the network.
C. Satellite links between sites are preferable to dial-up links.
D. A private DNS will also be required to enable Internet access over the network.
E. Max latency (delay) not to exceed 250 ms from any site to any other site.
Answer: B,D

Q: 10
You are designing a Connect Plus system. What should you do to mitigate system failures (select TWO)?
A. Plan for and implement areas of overlapping coverage.
B. Configure at least one digital conventional zone into the subscriber’s option board codeplug.
C. Configure digital conventional channels into the subscriber’s frequency file.
D. Configure at least one digital conventional zone into the subscriber’s main board codeplug.
E. Configure the repeaters for in-cabinet repeat if the link is lost to the site connect master.
Answer: A,D

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