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Microsoft MOS-WXP Exam -

Free MOS-WXP Sample Questions:

Select the correct menu bar sequence to insert a new table into a Word document.
A. Insert, Table, Insert
B. Format, Table, Insert
C. Tools, Insert, Table
D. Table, Insert, Table
Answer: D
Explanation: Tables are inserted into a document by selecting Table, Insert, Table on the menu bar. Specify the number of columns and rows in the Insert Table dialog box, and click OK. Tables can also be inserted by selecting the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar.

What is the default page number location when inserting page numbering using the Page Numbers dialog box?
A. Bottom, Left
B. Top, Left
C. Top, Right
D. Bottom Right
Answer: D
Explanation: Page numbering can be inserted into a document by selecting Insert, Page Numbers on the menu bar. When the Page Numbers dialog box displays, the default location and alignment are Bottom, Right.

Page orientation is set from this tab in the Page Setup dialog box.
A. Margins
B. Paper
C. Layout
D. Page
Answer: A
Explanation: Portrait and Landscape are the two page orientations that can be applied to a word document, and are set from the Margins tab in the Page Setup dialog box.

Heading 1, Heading 3, and Normal are examples of _____________.
A. Properties
B. Styles
C. Characteristics
D. Attributes
Answer: B
Explanation: To create, apply, or modify a style, select Format, Styles and Formatting on the menu bar. When the task pane displays, select the desired style from the list window or select the New Style button to create a new style. When a style is applied to text headings in a document, any changes made to the style will reflect throughout the document.

You are spell checking a document and the spell checker stops at a correctly spelled word. What option can you select in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box so the spell checker places the word in the dictionary?
A. Place in dictionary
B. Add to dictionary
C. Place
D. Add
Answer: B
Explanation: Selecting the Add to Dictionary button adds the word to the dictionary so future occurrences of the word will not be picked up unless it is misspelled. Add is a good guess but this was used in previous versions of Word.

Which is NOT a type of indenting that is supported in Word? Select all that apply.
A. Last Line
B. Hanging
C. Right
D. Suspending
Answer: A, D
Explanation: Last Line and Suspending indents don't exist. First Line and Hanging are special indents. Indenting can be applied from the Formatting toolbar or by clicking Format, Paragraph on the menu bar. The indent markers on the ruler can also be used to set indents.

Select the correct menu bar sequence to save a document as a web page.
A. File, Save as Web Page
B. File, Save Web Page
C. Save, As Web Page
D. File, Save, Web, Page
Answer: A
Explanation: Selecting File, Save as Web Page saves the document in HTML format so it can be published to the Internet.

You are working on a ten-page document that contains a header. You want to change to a different header starting on page five. What type of break can you insert on the page so you can start a new header?
A. Fragment
B. Partition
C. Section
D. Sector
Answer: C
Explanation: Section breaks are used to divide a document so different headers and footers can be used throughout the sections. To insert a section break at the insertion point location, select Insert, Break on the menu bar.

Tia creates an Organizational Chart diagram on her document. The chart will consist of managers and assistant managers. What shape will she use to represent the assistant managers in relation to the managers?
A. Co-Worker
B. Assistant
C. Subordinate
D. Co-Assistant
Answer: C
Explanation: An organizational chart is a hierarchical structure which represents relationships between objects in an organization. Shapes (boxes. directly below other shapes are subordinate shapes. Assistant managers are subordinate to managers. Charts and diagrams are created by selecting Insert, Diagram on the menu bar.

Which methods below can be used to apply newspaper columns to a document? Select all that apply.
A. Insert, Columns on the menu bar
B. Format, Columns on the menu bar
C. Tools, Columns on the menu bar
D. Columns button on the toolbar
Answer: B, D
Newspaper columns can be applied to a document by selecting Format, Columns on the menu bar or by clicking the Columns toolbar button on the Standard toolbar.

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