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Mile2 ML0-220 Exam -

Free ML0-220 Sample Questions:

1. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) standard is used for digital music. Which OSI layer does this standard belong to?
A. Session
B. Data Link
C. Application
D. Presentation
Answer: D

2. Can a user use Personal Certificates to control server access?
A. SSL can also be used to verify the users' identity to the server
B. NO, there is no such method
C. It can be used through web security
D. None of the above
Answer: A

3. The _____ application provides IP address-to-hostname or vice-versa lookup:
B. Telnet
Answer: C

4. Firewalls at this level know a great deal about what is going on and can be very selective in granting access:
A. Layer3
B. Layer4
C. Layer6
D. Layer7
Answer: D

5. What are the challenges associated with VPN implementation?
A. Complexity of infrastructure
B. Addressing and routing and administration
C. Difficulty with centralized management of client policy
D. All of the above
Answer: D

6. Which of the following is NOT a good practice for audit logs?
A. Audit Logs should be accessible to all users at all times
B. Audit Logs should be accessible to security personnel only
C. Audit Logs should contain unsuccessful login attempts
D. Audit Logs should not contain any passwords
Answer: A

7. Which of the following is TRUE when transmitting Secret Information over the network?
A. Secret Information should be transmitted in an encrypted form
B. Secret Information should be transmitted as a plain-text
C. Secret Information should be transmitted in a compressed form
D. Secret Information should be transmitted along with user id
Answer: A

8. An alternate site configured with necessary system hardware, supporting infrastructure and an on site staff able to respond to an activation of a contingency plan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a
A. Hot site
B. Cold site
C. Warm site
D. None of the above
Answer: A

9. Which of the following is true about authentication?
A. Authentication means that information can be accessed when needed by authorized personnel
B. Authentication means that passwords can be accessed when needed by authorized personnel
C. Authentication means the positive verification of the user/device in a system
D. Authentication means that only authorized persons modify information
Answer: C

10. Zip/Jaz drives, SyQuest, and Bemoulli boxes are very transportable and are often the standard for:
A. Data exchange in many businesses
B. Data change in many businesses
C. Data compression in many businesses
D. Data interchange in many businesses
Answer: A

11. Your company’s offsite backup facility is intended to operate an information processing facility, having no computer or communications equipment, but having flooring, electrical writing, air conditioning, etc. This is better known as a_________.
A. Hot site
B. Duplicate processing facility
C. Cold site
D. Warm site
Answer: C

12. Which of the following rules related to a Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan is not correct?
A. In order to facilitate recovery, a single plan should cover all locations
B. There should be requirements for forming a committee to decide a course of action. These decisions should be made ahead of time and incorporated into the plan
C. In its procedures and tasks, the plan should refer to functions, not specific individuals
D. Critical vendors should be contacted ahead of time to validate equipmentthat can be obtained in a timely manner
Answer: A

13. Which of the following classify under technocrime?
A. Stolen customer account details
B. Virus attack
C. Server failure
D. Hurricane
Answer: A

14. Which out of the following is / are preventive measures against password sniffing?
A. Passwords must not be sent through email in plain text
B. Passwords must not be stored in plain text on any electronic media
C. Passwords may be electronically stored if encrypted
D. All of the above
Answer: D

15. The most common method of social engineering is:
A. Looking through users’ trash for information
B. Calling users and asking for information
C. E-mailing users and asking for information
D. E-mail
Answer: B

16. The full form of IDS is ______________.
A. Intrusion Detection System
B. Intrusion Deactivation System
C. Information Distribution System
D. Intrusion Detection Software
Answer: A

17. What is an Intranet?
A. A private network using World Wide Web technology
B. A private network using digital telephony services
C. A public network using World Wide Web technology
D. A public network using digital telephony services
Answer: A

18. Which of the following is the best description of "separation of duties"?
A. Assigning different parts of tasks to different employees
B. Employees are granted only the privileges necessary to perform their tasks
C. Each employee is granted specific information that is required to carry out the job function
D. Screening employees before assigning them to a position
Answer: A

19. Who is the main person responsible for installation and maintenance of the computer systems?
A. Chief Executive Officer
B. System Supplier
C. System Designer
D. Business Process Owner
Answer: B

20. You have a network address of with four subnets. You want to allow for maximum number of Hosts. What is the subnet mask you need to apply?
Answer: A

21. What does the number “17” define in the protocol field of the packet header?
Answer: A

22. The length of an IP datagram header can vary depending on the options used. What is the smallest possible IP header size?
A. 16 bytes
B. 24 bytes
C. 20 bytes
D. 60 bytes
Answer: B

23. __________ is the command and control protocol used to manage communications between a web browser and a web server.
Answer: C

24. In a TCP Sliding window, a Window size zero means:
A. Send no Data
B. Send all remaining data
C. Wait for buffer to be refilled
D. There is no such condition
Answer: A

25. What protocols are not used to pull e-mail from the server to the client computer?
Answer: BC

26. A Socket consists of:
A. Source IP and Destination Port Number
B. Destination IP and Source Port Number
C. Destination IP and Destination Port Number
D. Application name and Port number
Answer: C

27. In IPv6 addressing, four consecutive blocks of 0s can be denoted as “::”
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

28. Which of the following devices operate at the Data Link layer of the OSI model?
A. Router
B. Switch
C. Hub
D. Bridge
Answer: AD

29. Routers update each other about the metrics by communicating with one another and maintaining their routing tables through the transmission of a variety of messages.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

30. Which of the following is a routed protocol?
D. None of the above
Answer: D

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