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Microsoft MB7-840 Exam -

Free MB7-840 Sample Questions:

1. You need to create a multi-record page that enables users to simultaneously view multiple records from a table and edit them if necessary. What type of page will you use?
A. List
B. RoleCenter
C. Worksheet
D. Document
Answer: AC

2. You have designed a blank form and attached a source table to it. You need to add a subform that shows multiple records from another table. Which properties do you need to set for the subform?
A. SubFormLink
B. ParentControl
C. SubFomSource
D. SubFormID
Answer: AD

3. Which of the following pairs of values in a relational expression are comparable?
A. Integer and Decimal
B. Date and DateTime
C. Text and Option
D. Option and Integer
Answer: AD

4. Which of the following user communication functions is run non-modally?
Answer: B

5. Which objects' main purpose is exporting and importing data in the RoleTailored client?
A. Dataports
B. XMLports
C. Pages
D. Codeunits
Answer: B

6. How many objects are supported by the RoleTailored client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009?
A. Six
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. Nine
Answer: A

7. Which general C/SIDE concepts apply to pages as a new application object type in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009?
A. Properties, keys, data items, fields, C/AL, and triggers
B. Properties, request form, C/AL, controls
C. Properties, request page, sections, controls, and triggers
D. Properties, C/AL, controls, and triggers
Answer: D

8. Which application objects cannot be run directly from the Object Designer?
A. Pages
B. Dataports
C. XMLports
D. MenuSuite
Answer: ACD

9. Which component of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 platform enables integration through Web services?
A. Winforms
B. Application Server
C. Microsoft SQL Server
D. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server
Answer: D

10. Which objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can be exposed as Web services?
A. Pages
B. Codeunits
C. Tables
D. XMLports
Answer: AB

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