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Microsoft MB7-638 Exam -

Free MB7-638 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Where does nonstock item processing allow the user to enter an item? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. On a quote
B. On a sales order
C. On an invoice
D. On a customer card
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 2 The Unit Price on all Item cards needs to be raised by 10%. Which of the following batch jobs can do this?
A. Implement Price Change
B. Post Inventory Cost to G/L
C. Adjust Cost - Item Entries
D. Adjust Item Costs/Prices
Answer: D

Q: 3 Which two ways are used to create a purchase order that links to the sales order for drop shipment? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. Manually, by creating a purchase order directly.
B. Automatically, through a requisition worksheet.
C. There is no way to do it.
D. By using the drop shipment function from the sales order.
Answer: A, B

Q: 4 To instruct the program to post a sales line discount to a separate General Ledger account from the sales amount, the user must:
A. Select the corresponding option on the sales line before posting the order.
B. Set this option up per individual line in the Sales Line Discount table.
C. Select the corresponding option in Sales & Receivables Setup.
D. It is not possible, as discounts are always posted as part of a total sales amount.
Answer: C

Q: 5 The setup for date calculations on the SALES side consists of which of the following elements? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. The Outbound Warehouse Handling Time setup
B. The Shipping Time setup
C. The Lead Time Calculation setup
D. The Availability Test Interval setup
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 6 A sales order is created for an item; however, the requested delivery date cannot be met because the item is not available in inventory, and there are no inbound orders scheduled.
What functions needs to be run to find out when the order can be delivered?
A. Available-to-Promise
B. Capable-to-Promise
C. Order Processing
D. Calculate Plan
Answer: B

Q: 7 To set up a special sales price for an individual customer, the user must do which of the following?
A. Create a record specifying a sales price for the customer in question in the Sales Price table.
B. First assign the customer in question to a group and then set up a special price for this group.
C. Create a record specifying a sales price for the customer in question in the item customer catalog.
D. Update the price information on the Item Card.
Answer: A

Q: 8 When suggesting a price on a sales line, the program uses the Best Price principle. The best price is defined as:
A. The lowest possible price specified in the sales price table.
B. The lowest possible price with the highest permissible line discount on the order date.
C. The price that has the most predefined parameters that have to be fulfilled before a special price can be granted.
D. The lowest possible price with the highest permissible line and invoice discount on the order date.
Answer: B

Q: 9 If a customer does not request a delivery date for its orders, how does the program calculate the earliest delivery date for the orders?
A. The program sets the shipment date equal to the system date.
B. The program sets the shipment date equal to the current working date.
C. The program sets the shipment date equal to the availability date.
D. The program sets the shipment date equal to the planned delivery date.
Answer: B

Q: 10 Which of the following statements are true of the Available to Promise (ATP)
concept of the order promising feature? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. It uses entries in the inventory reservation system.
B. If no items are available in inventory and there are no orders scheduled, the program can calculate the earliest date that items can be available if they are produced, bought, or transferred from another location.
C. The program performs the availability check of the uncommitted (unreserved) portion of a company's inventory in terms of planned production, purchase, transfers and sales returns.
D. It includes capacity constraint issues in the calculation, and it may be integrated to production scheduling, manufacturing, transfer and purchase planning.
Answer: A, C

Q: 11 How does the program calculate the Expected Receipt Date for the purchase orders, when the purchaser does not request a receipt date?
A. Order Date + Lead Time Calculation
B. Planned Shipment Date + Shipping Time
C. Shipment Date + Outbound Warehouse Handling Time
D. Planned Receipt Date + Inbound Warehouse Handling Time + Safety Lead Time
Answer: D

Q: 12 When does the program notify the user that substitutes exist?
A. When posting a sales order.
B. When creating a sales order.
C. When entering the number of an item that has substitutes on a sales line.
D. When shipping goods.
Answer: C

Q: 13 When setting up Sales Order Management, what must the user do to instruct the program to issue a warning when there are not enough items on inventory to fulfill a sales order?
A. Place a check mark in the Stockout Warning field on the General tab of the Sales & Receivables Setup window.
B. Select the Stockout Warning option on the Sales Order window.
C. Select the Stockout Warning option on the Customer Card.
D. The program always automatically warns a user about lack of items on inventory.
Answer: A

Q: 14 On which of the following dates is the picking process finished, and the items shipped from the warehouse?
A. Planned Delivery Date
B. Planned Shipment Date
C. Promised Delivery Date
D. Shipment Date
Answer: B

Q: 15 Before a purchase order is posted for an item, it is determined that a large sales order for the same item was placed after the creation of the purchase order. Using the Requisition Worksheet, what is the quickest way to change the purchase order to also cover the sale?
A. In the Requisition worksheet, use the Calculate Plan function and then use the Carry Out Action Message function.
B. Delete the existing purchase order. After this, use the Calculate Plan function and then use the Carry Out Action Message function in the Requisition Worksheet.
C. The requisition worksheet cannot be used to change quantities in an existing purchase order.
D. In the requisition worksheet, use the Change Existing Order function.
Answer: A

Q: 16 What is the Alternative Order Address granule used for?
A. It supports companies when dealing with vendors which have alternative sites in addition to their main business address.
B. It helps order more items with the same or similar characteristics.
C. It controls alternative producers of items which vendors may apply to.
D. It helps modify vendor's main business addresses.
Answer: A

Q: 17 What are the primary functions of the planning parameter fields on items and stockkeeping units? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. Setting the Time Bucket
B. Setting the Inventory Level
C. Offering Substitute Items
D. Determining Order Quantity
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 18 Where can a purchasing agent specify the items that are purchased from a specific vendor?
A. Vendor Card
B. Vendor Item Catalog
C. Item Card
D. Purchase Order
Answer: B

Q: 19 In requisition management, for items with Fixed Reorder Qty, in which of the following fields must a standard quantity be entered on the Item Card?
A. Safety Stock Quantity
B. Reorder Point
C. Reorder Quantity
D. Maximum Inventory
Answer: C

Q: 20 A company performs inventory reordering weekly. How can the program automatically suggest which items to order and how many?
A. By using the Suggest Reorder function on the Item Card.
B. By using the Get Receipts function in the Purchase Document.
C. By using the Reorder Inventory function in the Item Availability window.
D. By using the Calculate Plan function in the Requisition Worksheet.
Answer: D

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