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Microsoft MB7-517 Exam -

Free MB7-517 Sample Questions:

1. You are the System Implementer and are discussing the Object Level Security of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Security System. You tell the IT Engineer that the Security System divides the database into nine objects. Which object is used to present the data? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. Report
B. Form
C. Table data
D. Data port
Answer: A, B

2. You are the System Implementer and are discussing the differences between the SQL Server Option and the Dynamics NAV database. What do you communicate as the main difference between the database platforms? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. The User Interface
B. The available backup facilities
C. The logon process
D. The way that SIFT works
Answer: B, D

3. You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV end-user. The application is running slowly so you ask the consultant's advice on what to do. The consultant recommends that you monitor the performance of the application and recommends the most important tool for performance monitoring. What tool does the consultant recommend?
A. The application monitor
B. The server monitor
C. The client monitor
D. Time measurements
Answer: C

4. You are an IT Engineer new to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In your conversations with the System Implementer you have discussed the Architecture of the application. Based on your discussions, how do you describe the role of client? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. Renders the User interface
B. Executes all the business logic
C. Controls access to the data through locking
D. Connects directly to a standard database file without going through the server
Answer: A, B, D

5. As the Microsoft Dynamics NAV System Implementer you are in a discussion with an inexperienced Microsoft Dynamics NAV salesperson who asks which database server options are available in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. What do you tell the salesperson? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. Oracle 9.0
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
C. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server
D. Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Answer: B, C, D

6. Under what conditions must you enter user-credentials when opening a specific database?
A. You must enter an ID and password regardless of the Authentication method you select (Database server authentication or Windows authentication).
B. You can open and work in more than one company at a time.
C. You must enter an ID and password only if using the Windows Authentication method.
D. You must enter an ID and password only if using the Database Authentication method.
Answer: D

7. You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Consultant doing an installation at a small company with only one computer. Which type of installation is recommended for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV single user workstation?
A. Minimum
B. Maximum
C. Complete
D. Typical
Answer: C

8. As the IT Engineer you need to locate an end-user's setup file so that you can move it to a shared network directory. Where do you first look for the ZUP file?
A. C:\Documets and Settings\User Name\Application Data
B. C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Dynamics NAV
C. C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Dynamics
D. C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Dynamics NAV
Answer: A

9. You are the IT Engineer at a large corporation. An end-user complains that he ran out of room on his computer while loading his MP3 collection so he uninstalled the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client. Later he felt bad about this and decided to reload the client. Even though he had removed his MP3 collection from the system, he was still unable to reinstall Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You explain that when the user uninstalled the client it did not remove any of the following components.
A. All files related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
B. Code Units and XML Ports
C. Licenses, Databases and Database backups
D. Reports, Invoices and Statements
Answer: C

10. You are an IT Engineer, have almost finished doing a client install and realize you are installing on the wrong computer. You attempt to cancel the installation. What happens to the portions of the program already installed?
A. Nothing, you cannot stop the installation process once it begins.
B. The installation process will stop but the installed portions stay in the program folders in case you reinstall at a later time.
C. The installed files are moved to the temporary folder so they can be accessed in case of another installation attempt.
D. Microsoft Installer will perform a rollback and restore the computer to the state it was in before the installation began.
Answer: D

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