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Microsoft MB7-227 Exam -

Free MB7-227 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What are all the areas where you can reserve items from?

A. Planned stock with forecasted items
B. Existing stock (represented as item ledger on the line)
C. Open purchase orders, transfer orders or production orders
D. Existing stock (represented as item ledger on the line), open purchase orders, transfer orders, production orders or purchase returns

Answer: D

Q: 2
What is a blanket sales order for?

A. It represents a framework for a long-term agreement between the company and a customer
B. It is used instead of sales orders
C. It is not used at all, it is only for learning how to create sales orders
D. Such document does not exist

Answer: A

Q: 3
To manage sales prices in Microsoft Navision in a consistent manner, companies with extensive and complicated price structures are recommended to store all their price-related information:

A. In the Sales Prices table only
B. On the item cards
C. Both in the Sales Prices table and item cards
D. In the Sales Prices Worksheet

Answer: A

Q: 4
What types of item numbers does item cross reference allow to be set up for cross reference?

A. Blank
B. Vendor
C. Barcode
D. Item

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 5
When suggesting a price on a sales line, the program uses the Best Price principle. The best price is defined as:

A. The lowest possible price specified in the sales price table
B. The lowest possible price with the highest permissible line discount on the order date
C. The price that has the most predefined parameters that have to be fulfilled before a special price can be granted
D. The lowest possible price with the highest permissible line and invoice discount on the order date

Answer: B

Q: 6
What is the Item Substitutions granule used for?

A. With this granule companies can link items with the same or similar characteristics
B. With this granule companies can link item with different characteristics
C. With this granule companies can link vendors with the same or similar items
D. With this granule companies can link vendors with different items

Answer: A

Q: 7
Is numbering sequence provided for non stock items?

A. Yes, the program allows the user to set up the numbering sequence for non stock items
B. No, there is no such possibility in the program for non stock items
C. Such functionality is available only for inventory items
D. Such functionality becomes available for non stock items only when they become inventory

Answer: A

Q: 8
You want to raise the Unit Price on all Item cards by 10%. Which of the following batch jobs can do this for you?

A. Implement Price Change
B. Post Inventory Cost to G/L
C. Adjust Cost - Item Entries
D. Adjust Item Costs/Prices

Answer: D

Q: 9
In Microsoft Navision, to set up a special sales price for an individual customer, the user must:

A. Create a record specifying a sales price for the customer in question in the Sales Price table
B. First assign the customer in question to a group and then set up a special price for this group
C. Create a record specifying a sales price for the customer in question in the item customer catalog
D. Update the price information on the item card

Answer: A

Q: 10
An item sales price is based on:

A. A percent value
B. A monetary value
C. Both a monetary and percent value
D. The item unit price

Answer: B

Q: 11
Successful use of the Requisition Management granule requires setup in what areas?

A. The requisition worksheet template
B. Customer card
C. The planning parameter fields on items and stock keeping units
D. The Substitute No. field in the Non stock Item table

Answer: A, C

Q: 12
Which of the following requisition worksheet features is used for handling transactions in which a vendor delivers sold goods directly to the customer?

A. Drop Shipment Lines
B. Planning Worksheet Lines
C. Manually Created Lines
D. Calculate Plan

Answer: A

Q: 13
Can purchase orders be received and/or invoiced partially?

A. Yes, both received and invoiced
B. No
C. Only received partially
D. Only invoiced partially

Answer: A

Q: 14
What does the posting function for purchase orders consist of?

A. Receipt posting
B. Invoice posting
C. Receipt and invoice posting
D. One receipt and two invoices posting

Answer: C

Q: 15
Where can you access the Purchase Prices window from?

A. Vendor card
B. Item card
C. Customer card
D. Purchase order

Answer: A, B

Q: 16
What is the Alternative Order Address granule used for?

A. It supports companies when dealing with vendors which have alternative sites in addition to their main business address
B. It helps order more items with the same or similar characteristics
C. It controls alternative producers of items which vendors may apply to
D. It helps modify vendors main business addresses

Answer: A

Q: 17
Your client wishes to set up a reordering policy for some fixed demand items that are cheap to purchase. Which reordering policy do you recommend?

A. Order
B. Lot-for-Lot
C. Leaving the Reordering Policy field on the item card empty
D. Fixed Reorder Qty. or Maximum Qt/.

Answer: D

Q: 18
You are posting a sales document. Are you able to post costs associated with a charge automatically as a part of posting a charge line from this document?

A. Yes, this is a part of the posting process
B. No, the program does not support this possibility
C. Not automatically, but it can be adjusted in setup
D. Yes, if the payment has been done in LCY

Answer: B

Q: 19
In returns management, Return Reason Codes are used to:

A. Describe typical reason for item faults.
B. Distinguish return situation that companies typically encounter when dealing with their customers and vendors
C. Describe the reason for cancelling orders
D. Register compensation agreements.

Answer: B

Q: 20
Which of the following documents, when used as an entry point for a compensation agreement, offers the possibility of separating the quantity and value parts of the transaction when posting it?

A. Credit memo
B. Sales return order
C. Sales invoice
D. Sales order

Answer: B, D

Q: 21
How can registering item charges be done?

A. As a separate document (purchase order/invoice)
B. As a separate document (stock keeping item card)
C. In the same purchase document
D. On the same vendor card

Answer: A, C

Q: 22
Does item charge assignment change the quantity of the posted entries?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Yes, if it is defined in setup
D. No, if it is defined in setup

Answer: B

Q: 23
What return-related documents can be created from the sales return order?

A. Replacement sales order
B. An invoice
C. Purchase return order
D. Replacement purchase order

Answer: A, C, D

Q: 24
You have negotiated a lower price for some goods that were damaged when you received them from your vendor. You have agreed not to send them back to the vendor. How do you record the lower price in the program if you have already posted the original purchase invoice?

A. Make a purchase invoice and use an item charge to record the purchase allowance
B. Make a purchase invoice and use a G/L Account to record the purchase allowance
C. Make a purchase credit memo and use an item charge to record the purchase allowance
D. Change the price on the posted invoice

Answer: C

Q: 25
Which of the following is TRUE of sales item charges?

A. Sales item charges are used to record the additional costs of making a sale.
B. Sales item charges are used to charge the customer for additional costs relating to the items the customer has purchased.
C. Sales item charges affect the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
D. Sales item charges entered in sales document lines must have GIL Account in the Type field.

Answer: B

Q: 26
Which of the following is the date on which the picking process is finished, and the items are shipped from the warehouse?

A. Planned Delivery Date
B. Planned Shipment Date
C. Promised Delivery Date
D. Shipment Date

Answer: B

Q: 27
Your customer is dissatisfied with the order delivery, and you agree that you will issue a compensation for this customer. What documents can you use to register details about the compensation agreement settled with the customer?

A. Sales invoice
B. Sales order
C. Sales return order
D. Finance charge memo

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 28
When posted, the cost of an item charge representing an invoice from a shipping agent for their transportation services provided in relation to a sale transaction will:

A. Correspondingly increase the inventory value
B. Be regarded as a value
C. Correspondingly increase the inventory adjustment value
D. Correspondingly increase expenses related to this sale.

Answer: D

Q: 29
Which of the following is TRUE about analysis reports?

A. To create an analysis report, you must set up the line template.
B. In an analysis report, the objects that you want to analyze are represented as columns.
C. Analysis reports cannot be modified.
D. You can use analysis reports to create customized reports based on your posted transactions.

Answer: A, D

Q: 30
Which of the following statements are TRUE of the sales and purchase budgets?

A. The sales and purchase budgets can be exported to Excel
B. The sales and purchase budgets can be imported from Excel.
C. The sales and purchase budgets cannot be modified in Excel.
D. When you export a budget to Excel, the filters that you set in Microsoft Navision are not visible in the Excel worksheet.

Answer: A, B

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