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Microsoft MB7-222 Exam -

Free MB7-222 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is TRUE regarding exporting of MenuSuite objects?
A. MenuSuite objects can be exported in either menusuite (mns) or text (txt) format.
B. MenuSuite objects can only be exported in text (txt) format.
C. MenuSuite objects cannot be exported.
D. MenuSuite objects can be exported in either object (fob) or text (txt) format.
Answer: D

2. Which of the following event triggers would be found in a table object?
A. OnModify
B. OnInit
C. OnChange
D. OnAfterValidate
Answer: A

3. Assume a variable with the name Customer is declared with a datatype of Record, and a subtype of Customer. Assuming that there are six customer records, numbers 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000, and 60000, and further assuming that the commands below are executed, which customer record would be stored in the Customer variable?
Customer.FIND('+'); Customer.NEXT(-3); Customer.FIND('=');
A. 30000
B. 40000
C. 50000
D. 60000
Answer: A

4. A standard set of journal posting routine codeunits includes one codeunit to check lines. Based on standard practices for these posting routines, which of the following commands should not be included in the check line codeunit?
Answer: C

5. What is the advantage of using FlowFields to make calculations?
A. The next step in the process workflow will be initialized.
B. Calculations can only be performed using the FlowField command.
C. Calculations can be performed on multiple tables at the same time.
D. Performance will be better than reading each record in the recordset and manually performing the calculation.
Answer: D

6. In a certain report there are two dataitems: Customer and Cust. Ledger Entry. The Cust. Ledger Entry dataitem is below Customer and indented. If the CurrReport.SKIP function is executed in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the Cust. Ledger Entry dataitem, what will the report process next?
A. It will exit the current loop and process the next line of code.
B. It will process the next record from the Customer table.
C. The entire report will stop.
D. It will process the next record from the Cust. Ledger Entry table.
Answer: D

7. If a table has a SumIndexField called Amount, which of the following C/AL functions can be used to calculate the sum of these amounts?
A. CALCSUMS(Amount);
D. SUM(Amount);
Answer: A

8. When must the SourceExpr property be populated for a Label control?
A. When the Label control is bound to a Textbox control.
B. Never, there is no such property for Label controls.
C. Only when the control is placed on an unbound form.
D. When the ParentControl property of the Label control is set to the Source Table.
Answer: B

9. Which of the following best describes Tab Controls?
A. Tab controls can only contain one tab, named General.
B. Tab controls must contain a tab named General. Any additional names are specified using the NewTabName property.
C. Tab controls can contain multiple tabs, the names of which are specified using the MultipleTab property.
D. Tab controls can contain multiple tabs, the names of which are specified using the PageNames property.
Answer: D

10. What two properties would you change to ensure that a button control on a form remains in the same relative position if the form is resized?
A. HorzAlign and VertAlign
B. HorzGlue and VertGlue
C. HorzDock and VertDock
D. XPos and Ypos
Answer: B

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