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Microsoft MB6-510 Exam -

Free MB6-510 Sample Questions:

1. You want to assemble a group of employees to address a special business need. However, you do not want the group to be part of your formal organization. Which of the following types of organization units should you create?
A. A line unit.
B. A line and matrix unit.
C. A line unit as the parent, and then a matrix unit as the child.
D. A matrix or a project unit .
Answer: D

2. The company wants to improve the professional support and counseling that it offers to employees. You have been given the task of creating a matrix organization unit and assigning people to act as mentors. When you start assigning mentors to the unit, you notice that some of them are already working in one or more matrix type units. Which of the following rules apply to matrix organization units?
A. A person can be affiliated to an indefinite number of matrix units.
B. A person can be affiliated to a maximum of five matrix units.
C. A person can be affiliated to a maximum of ten matrix units.
D. A person can be affiliated to an indefinite number of matrix units, provided the person is already affiliated to a line unit.
Answer: A

3. You have just moved a person to a new position in another organization unit and must now decide whether to disable the person's previous position. When a position is inactive, which of the following can you do?
A. You can hire people into it as usual.
B. You can move people into it if you assign a future start date.
C. You cannot hire people into the position.
D. You cannot change position information.
Answer: C

4. The Sales department has enjoyed considerable success recently and now needs additional support with processing the new orders. To increase the number of sales support personnel, you decide to merge a Sales Administration Unit with the Sales Unit. How do you merge the two organization units into one?
A. Drag a unit and drop one on another, and then click Confirm when asked, Merge?
B. Select an organization unit, and select the Move option, and then indicate the unit with which you want to merge.
C. Move all employees from one unit to the other, and then close the first unit.
D. Right-click on a unit, and then select Merge With.
Answer: B

5. Until recently, the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) also performed the duties of a Chief Operating Officer (COO). However, the company has just hired a new person to take over the responsibilities of the COO position. You have been given the task of creating the new COO position and must decide whether to make the position unique. For unique positions, which of the following is true?
A. Only one position can be unique in a unit.
B. For each position type, only one position can be unique in an organization unit.
C. You cannot hire or move another employee to a unique position that is currently occupied.
D. You can hire more than one employee into a unique position.
Answer: C

6. Which of the following must be considered before creating a new position?
A. The position group you want to assign the position to.
B. Whether a contract has been attached in Microsoft Dynamics AX document handling.
C. Who the manager is of the unit you are creating the position.
D. That position titles in organization units must be unique.
Answer: A

7. What is the maximum employment factor that a person employed in four different units in the line organization can have?
A. 0.25
B. 1.0
C. 4.0
D. A person cannot be employed in different units.
Answer: B

8. In the Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources module, certificates represent which of the following?
A. They are a way to identify employees that participated in training courses.
B. They are simple documentation of employee skills. Each skill has a corresponding certificate.
C. They prove that you are qualified to participate in a training course.
D. They represent time constrained proof that an employee has the knowledge or ability to perform one or more specific tasks.
Answer: D

9. Which of the following are situations in which you would use reason codes?
A. When moving, hiring, or terminating an employee.
B. When assigning benefits.
C. When updating an employee resume.
D. When ending a recruitment project.
Answer: A

10. An employee's main employment relation with the company is which of the following?
A. A role in the line organization.
B. A job in the line organization
C. A position in the line organization.
D. An organization unit in the line organization.
Answer: D

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