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Microsoft MB6-507 Exam -

Free MB6-507 Sample Questions:

1. A controller would like to assign a department 60-Purchase and cost center 6010-Purchase when the accounts payable administrator creates vendor journals. Which of the following needs to be defined to restrict the available selections?
A. Dimension proposal
B. Dimension planning
C. It can not be done
D. Dimension set hierarchy
Answer: D

2. One of the companies you are consolidating does business in a currency that has been fluctuating a lot. However, when you run your consolidation, you want to only use a closing rate for that period of the Monetary accounts. How would you set this up?
A. Set up a default exchange rate in the General Ledger parameters on the Consolidation tab.
B. Enter an exchange rate with no date on the exchange rate tab of the currency.
C. Enter an amount in the Monetary field on the currency and check the Monetary checkbox on the ledger account.
D. This can not be done.
Answer: C

3. A controller is having issues with the monthly reports that have accounting entries made to the wrong departments.The controller would like to ensure that the accounting entries are entered with the correct department. Which of the following describes how to accomplish this in Dynamics AX?
A. Update the general ledger parameters based on the controllers requirements.
B. Create a journal control record for the journal names being used in the general journal.
C. Create new dimension sets, hierarchies and rules based on the controllers requirements.
D. Create an accounts payable invoice approval journal and have the controller review the departments.
Answer: C

4. Which of the following happens to the transactions if you delete a period in which transactions are posted?
A. All transactions in the deleted period disappear.
B. All transactions in the period are accumulated into one.
C. Nothing.
D. You are not allowed to delete a period in Dynamics AX.
Answer: C

5. The currency rate is changed on the 1st of every month. On the 1st of March, the rate is changed from 390 to 400. On the 4th of March, an invoice with a date of February 28th is made. Which exchange rate does the system use?
A. 390
B. 400
C. 395 (the average of the two rates)
D. The exchange rate must be specified manually.
Answer: A

6. You have several departments set up and need to run a financial statement for each one. How do you run them?
A. The only way would be to create a financial statement for each department and run them separately.
B. Go to General Ledger, Reports, Transactions, Periodic, Financial statement under the dimension specifications click the Line checkbox when running the statements.
C. Go to General Ledger, Reports, Transactions, Periodic, Financial statement, under the focuses and change Main or Secondary focus when running the statements.
D. Go to General Ledger, Reports, Transactions, Periodic, Financial statement, click the Select button when running the statements and leave the criteria field blank to get all departments.
Answer: C

7. Which of the following is the result of selecting the checkbox Locked in Journal under the General tab of the Chart of Accounts?

A. It would close an account in the journal and transfer balances to the electronic closing sheet.
B. It prevents posting on all accounts in the journal.
C. It only allows new debit transactions to be posted.
D. It prevents posting on an account in the journal.
Answer: D

8. Your company wants to generate a number of sequentially numbered checks in the bank module. Which of the following is a requirement to allow sequentially numbered checks?
A. Set up a number sequence on the check layout.
B. Select Automatic check numbering in the Parameters.
C. Create a Check group and define the number sequence.
D. Select Fixed in the check numbering method.
Answer: D

9. At what stage can a check number be deleted from the Bank module?
A. When the check status is Cancelled.
B. When the check status is Created.
C. At any stage in the payment process.
D. When the check status is Void.
Answer: B

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