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Microsoft MB6-285 Exam -

Free MB6-285 Sample Questions:

1.How can you view total invoiced amount on a customer for a specific time interval?
A: On the Business relations form, click Update financial on the Financials tab, and view the field Total invoiced
B: Run the report CRM/Reports/Sales Management/Internal account statement
C: Open Management statistics, Business relation category, select the Specific Customer radio button, and select the respective customer
D: Select CRM, Inquiries, Statistics
Answer: C

2.What is the first action required to include quotations in master planning?
A: A delivery date must be entered on the quotation
B: A probability percentage must be entered on the quotations
C: On the Master plan parameter the Include CRM quotations check box must be marked
D: The item requirements must be run directly from the quotation
Answer: C

3.How do you invite a colleague to help you in an activity of type Task?
A: Create several individual tasks with different responsible persons
B: Select the task in your Workbook and create a new task and enter the attendees on the Attendee list tab
C: Use the Attendees field in the Activities form, General tab
D: Create the activity in your colleague's calendar using the Synchronization function
Answer: A

4.You are planning your schedule for next week. How do you view all of your appointments for next week at one time?
A: Step through the days in the Workbook form, Day plan tab
B: In the Activities form, filter on the date interval in the From/to date fields
C: View the Activity List tab in the Activities form and select the date of the first day of next week
D: View the appointments in the Workbook form, Week plan tab
Answer: D

5.A customer is created in the Customers form. How do you access this customer in the CRM module?
A: I delete the customer and enter the information through the Business relations form
B: The customer is automatically created in the Business relations form
C: I click the Functions, Synchronize CustTable button
D: I retrieve the information about this customer by using the CustTable directly
Answer: B

6.The Drop icon is used to:
A: Delete e-mails and files
B: Drop files from outside Axapta
C: Send documents to e-mail groups
D: Copy files or e-mails to the Clipboard
Answer: B

7.A sales manager wants to analyze the activities spent on different segments of the customer base based on the ABC classification in the Business relations form:
A: This is done through the activity analysis view in the Sales management form
B: This is done through the Activity analysis report
C: This is done through the button Functions, Statistics on the Business relation form
D: This can only be done through an OLAP analysis
Answer: B

8.Where can you get an overview of all activities on a single business relation?
A:Select Status all in the Workbook form, Open activities tab
B:View the specific customer in the Management statistics form, Activities category
C:Open the Business relations form, select a business relation, and click the Activities button
D:Open the Activities form, right-click on the Business account field of the desired business relation, and choose Filter
Answer: C, D

9.Quotation documents can be transferred to a project if you:
A: In the Quotation form, Documents tab; drag and drop the document to the project
B: Select the Transfer documents to project check box in the Convert to project form
C: It cannot be transferred
D: It will automatically be transferred
Answer: B

10.Quotations can be created for:
A: Customers
B: Competitors in order to record excluding quotations
C: Vendors
D: Customers and prospects
Answer: D

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