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Microsoft MB6-283 Exam -

Free MB6-283 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following applies to the Back button?
A: Disabling it will also temporarily disable the Back button in a browser
B: Disabling it will not disable the Back button in a browser
C: Enabling it will freeze all browser navigation features
D: Enabling it will make the questionnaire executable in a browser
Answer: B

2.Which of the following are result calculation methods?
B:Answer group
C:Result group
D:If not answer, then question
Answer: A, D

3.When providing instructions for complex questions, you need to help respondents distinguish between your instructions and the question text. To help them do so, what must you always remember to do?
A: Attach a media file that highlights the question and the instruction areas on the questionnaire
B: Format the instruction text with bold, or use a larger font than used on the question
C: Select Text as the question's input type to automatically format the instructions and question appropriately
D: Insert at least one line (carriage return) after the instruction text
Answer: D

4.Which of the following options can you select as the input type for a closed question?
A: Integer
B: Real
C: Check box
D: Text
Answer: C

5.Which is the correct sequence for setting up a questionnaire with closed questions?
A: Questionnaire, Question, Answer group, Result group
B: Questionnaire, Answer group, Question, Result group
C: Questionnaire, Result group, Answer group, Question
D: Result group, Questionnaire, Answer group, Question
Answer: B

6.When analyzing the results of a questionnaire, you notice that an employee has exhibited extraordinary aptitude in the subject of the questionnaire. On the Planned answer session form, which of the following fields shows who completed the questionnaire?
A: Evaluation of
B: Evaluated by
C: Executed by
D: Execution of
Answer: C

7.When creating a questionnaire scheduling, what can you use the Scheduling button to do?
A: Create a new scheduling
B: Issue planned answer sessions for the respondents already chosen
C: Select respondents and questionnaires for the schedule
D: Book the scheduling in respondents' Outlook calendars
Answer: C

8.Which of the following options can you select as the input type for a closed question?
A: Integer
B: Real
C: Check box
D: Text
Answer: C

9.When you are using points on a questionnaire, you can allow a respondent to view scores for result groups. To do so, which of the following should you select?
A:Points statistics
B:Result page
C:Answer report
D:Evaluation of
Answer: A, B

10.When setting up calculation rules in the statistical analysis, and choosing the Questionnaire level calculation rule, which of the following can you also apply to further delimit your analysis?
A: Result group
B: Question
C: Question, if you first delimit by result group
D: Neither result group nor by question
Answer: D

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