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Microsoft MB6-205 Exam -

Free MB6-205 Sample Questions:

1.How can posting the picking list in the ledger be avoided?
A: It cannot be avoided.
B: A setting in the production parameters.
C: A setting in the inventory management parameters.
D: Override the default setting when posting the picking list journal.
Answer: B

2.The plant you manage has been out of operation recently because of damage sustained by a hurricane. After running master scheduling, it is clear that delivery dates are not going to be met. What report will show you the orders that are not going to be delivered on time?
A: Order lines
B: Requirement profile
C: Actions
D: Futures
Answer: D

3.When the production ledger setting is 'Item + Category', what ledger accounts are used for posting work center consumption?
A: The ledger accounts specified on the work center group used by each operation in the route.
B: The ledger accounts specified on the work center.
C: The ledger accounts specified on cost categories attached to the operations.
D: The ledger accounts specified in the set up of the routing groups.
Answer: C

4.A company has limited capacity on their machines, but the capacity of the operators is unlimited (already set on the work center). The team manager wants to plan on the machinery and see the required staff hours in the production plan. What setup is BEST in order to meet the manager requirements?
A: The route is set up with two operations with different operation numbers, one to control the operator and one to control the machinery. Schedule with finite capacity.
B: The Route is set up with two operations with the same operation number, one to control the operator and one to control the machinery. Schedule with finite capacity.
C: The route is set up with the use of priority on operations, and scheduling is done with infinite capacity.
D: The route is set up with the use of priority on operations. The scheduling is done with infinite capacity, and the task group is created on the operator resource.
Answer: B

5.When creating work center groups and work centers in Microsoft Axapta, what is true?
A: Before creating the work center group, all of the work centers in the group must already exist.
B: Any setting that is updated on a work center group is automatically updated in all of the work centers that belong to the group.
C: The work center group must be created before the work centers in that group can be created.
D: A work center can belong to multiple work center groups.
Answer: C

6.What must be done to automatically enable reservations on physical inventory to a production order?
A: Allow physical negative inventory in the inventory model groups for the item.
B: Allow reserve ordered items in Inventory Parameters.
C: It is possible to create reservations if at least one inventory dimension is selected.
D: The production order's reservation field must be set to 'Estimation', 'Scheduling' or 'Start' to indicate when automatic reservations are made.
Answer: D

7.What will occur if the check box nd job is selected when reporting a production order as finished?
A: Can no longer cost estimate, schedule, release or start the production.
B: Further posting of time consumption will not be possible.
C: Further posting of material consumption will not be possible.
D: Using the 'Reset status' on the production order will not be possible.
Answer: A

8.A company has a finished good item that it produces which contains a subassembly that is produced by a vendor. The subassembly is a BOM, but does not have a route defined. Given this situation, how does Microsoft Axapta determine the lead time for the subassembly?
A: With out a route defined, it is not possible to know the lead time.
B: A production order for the finished good item can not be estimated and an info log will display an error message reporting the missing route for the subassembly.
C: The subassembly's inventory lead time field is used.
D: The mandatory inventory model group that the subassembly is a member of will be used to determine the lead time.
Answer: C

9.What is it called when updating master scheduling by using the net requirements from a sales order line, where the dates for the this sales order line are updated but the complete master schedule is not recalculated?
A: Global master scheduling
B: Local master scheduling
C: Forecast planning
D: Planning without a plan
Answer: B

10.When running master scheduling, reduction keys are used to reduce the forecast sales and purchase requirements. How is the reduction key applied to the item?
A: By the coverage group.
B: The reduction key is assigned in the item table.
C: The reduction key is selected on the sales or purchase forecast line.
D: There is no link to an item and all items for a given master scheduling execution must use the same reduction key.
Answer: A

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