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Microsoft MB6-203 Exam -

Free MB6-203 Sample Questions:

1. Where does one specify a company's base currency?
A. The System Parameters form
B. The Company information form
C. The Foreign trade parameters form
D. The Exchange rate form
Answer: B

2. Which of the following can Financial Dimensions be used for?
A. Management of the company's on-hand inventory per department.
B. Making financial statements for the legal entities comprised in the same Axapta company.
C. Making financial statements of the company's results per cost center or another dimension.
D. Management of the employees' connection to the different departments of the company.
Answer: C

3. Which of the following best describes the purpose of free text invoices?
A. Makes it possible to specify the item number on invoices and post to the General Ledger.
B. Makes it possible to create an invoice without an item number.
C. Makes it possible to create a customized invoice with free text for automated shipping information.
D. Makes it possible to create an invoice with no payment specifications.
Answer: B

4. Your company has decided to use an invoice approvalprocess. You have activated Approvals in the Journal Name and selected the approving group. When entering an invoice, how does the person entering signal that this invoice is ready for approval?
A. Record the name of the person entering in the Report as ready by field. B. Put a check mark in the Approved by field.
C. Select the Validate button on the Journal voucher window.
D. Select Report as ready from the Approval button.
Answer: D

5. Your company wants to create a financial statement that compares actual results to budget. How do you set this up in Axapta?
A. You cannot. It is impossible to pull budgeted numbers into a financial statement.
B. Create a column with a column type of Budget and choose the appropriate budget model on the Transactions tab.
C. Create a column with a column type of Current and choose the appropriate budget model on the Transactions tab.
D. Choose a default budget model in the General Ledger parameters.
Answer: B

6. What is a reason to specify the search name on the ledger account?
A. To be an identifier printed on all reports.
B. To help structure the organization of the financial statement.
C. To provide the ability to create sub-models in the budget.
D. To provide the account number in a journal when you enter the search name.
Answer: D

7. In a General journal, what is the purpose of selecting the Fixed rate check box on the Setup tab page?
A. To avoid using triangulation on the journal lines.
B. To make exchange rate mandatory on the journal lines.
C. To specify a default exchange rate on the journal lines.
D. To set the fixed exchange rate used when making consolidations.
Answer: C

8. How can transaction text be easily entered in the General journal?
A. By right-clicking and getting a list of possible transaction texts.
B. It is impossible.
C. By leaving the field empty, the transaction text is taken from Basic/Setup/Transaction text.
D. By typing in the identification code which refers to a journal text set up under the Functions button.
Answer: D

9. What is the purpose of bridging posting?
A. To set a Posting type =Bridging posting when making inter-company transactions. This can be used as selection criteria when printing.
B. To create a transaction in a subsidiary company belonging to the same parent company.
C. To make a posting reflecting the transactions from other modules in the Ledger module.
D. To generate a posting of payments until confirmation is received from the bank.
Answer: D

10. Where are terms of payment for tax defined?
A. In General ledger/Setup/Sales tax/Sales tax settlement periods.
B. In General ledger/Setup/Sales tax/Sales tax codes.
C. In Accounts Payable/Setup/Sales tax/Terms of payment.
D. In General ledger/Setup/Parameters/Sales tax.
Answer: A

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