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Microsoft MB6-202 Exam -

Free MB6-202 Sample Questions:

1.When needing a report showing the name of an invoiced customer and the IDs of the invoiced items, which table(s) must be used?
A: SalesTable and SalesLine.
B: CustInvoiceJour and CustInvoiceTrans.
C: CustInvoiceJour and InventTrans.
D: SalesTable and InventTrans.
Answer: B

2.When using the Microsoft Axapta Foundation Class List, what rule applies to the data type of the lists elements?
A: The only data type supported by the List class is Integer.
B: All elements must be of the same data type.
C: A list can contain a mix of data types.
D: The only data type supported by the List class is String.
Answer: B

3.What is the correct syntax for invoking the macro you Macro?
A: MyMacro
B: Macros.getMacro(MyMacro)
C: MyMacro.Insert()
D: Call MyMacro
Answer: A

4.What step should be completed after importing class objects?
A: Recompile.
B: Synchronize.
C: Observe best practices.
D: No additional steps are needed.
Answer: A

5.Where is the code implemented when used for user interaction in a RunBase class?
A: In the dialog method.
B: In the prompt method.
C: It has to be called before calling the RunBase class.
D: There is no user interaction when using RunBase classes.
Answer: A

6.To document any new reports made, where should you do this?
A: Application Developer Documentation node of the AOT.
B: Application Documentation node of the AOT.
C: System Documentation node of AOT.
D: Online help.
Answer: B

7.When using onstructor Controlled Inheritance. what class must all inheritors extend?
A: The Constructor class.
B: The RunBase class.
C: It does not matter.
D: The Constructors Super class.
Answer: A

8.What is important when overriding the method Fetch() and not calling super()?
A: Call print() with every record to be printed.
B: Call run().
C: Call send() with every record to be printed.
D: Call fetchRecord() with the Query in the report.
Answer: C

9.What Class would you use for printing Sales Quotes, Picking lists, Packing slips or invoices from within X++?
A: SalesPrintout.
B: Print_SalesLetters.
C: SalesDocumentPrint.
D: SalesFormLetter.
Answer: D

10.What effect does it have to set the property indowType on the form design node to opup?
A: The form automatically morphs into a web form.
B: The form becomes transparent and will overlay any existing forms.
C: The form cannot be closed.
D: The form remains on top of all other forms and will not be covered.
Answer: D

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