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Microsoft MB5-853 Exam -

Free MB5-853 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are a project manager in your organization. You have several activities that need to be completed within the next thirty days for your project to reach its deadline on time. How can you view the available resources within the next 30 days to plan on task assignment based on resource availability?
A. View the available resources through Project Web Access in the Resource Center.
B. Create a filter in the Project Web Access Resource Center based on resource availability.
C. Create a filter in the Project Web Access for available resources, groups, and availability.
D. Create a view in the Project Web Access Resource Center based on availability in the next 30 days.
Answer: B

Q: 2
Project Server automatically creates four site groups within the project workspace. Which one of the following is NOT a site group that is created automatically?
A. Readers
B. Web administrators
C. Project managers
D. Stakeholders
Answer: D

Q: 3
You are the Microsoft Project Server administrator for your organization and you need to perform a restore to the PSGHT SQL database. You have been using the differential model so you will need to restore from multiple media. What clause will you need to include in your RESTORE DATABASE tatement to restore the full database backup that comes before the differential backup to restore your SQL database?
Answer: A

Q: 4
You work as a Project Manager for Inc. You would like to create a filter in order to view all the jobs submitted to the queue within the last seven days. How will you accomplish the task?
A. This task is possible; you should use the filter "All jobs in the past week" through Project Web Access and the My Queued Jobs page.
B. This task is not possible. Queue entries are processed and purged from the queue without a history of the action.
C. This task is possible; the Project Administrator, however, will need to create the view for the project manager and then assign the appropriate permission.
D. This task is somewhat possible; queued jobs that fail are recorded, but all successful queued jobs are purged from the queue history.
Answer: A

Q: 5
You would like to change the Site Theme of your project workspace. How can you change the Site Theme?
A. Choose Site Actions, and then select Site Settings.
B. Choose Site Settings, and then select Customize.
C. Choose Site Customization, and then select Site Settings.
D. Choose Site Details, and then select Options.
Answer: A

Q: 6
You work as a project manager for Inc. You need to develop a solution so that the project manager, executives, and team members can review and discuss the risks of the company's project online. Which of the following is the most appropriate solution for the above task?
A. Create a new workspace called Risk, and assign permissions to the project manager, executives, and team members.
B. Use the existing project workspace but create an additional Web Part for the risk of the JHG Project.
C. Create a new workspace, and assign the appropriate permissions to the project manager, executives, and team members.
D. Use the existing Risk link in the project workspace that is already created using Microsoft Project Server.
Answer: D

Q: 7
Gary is the Microsoft Project Server administrator for his company, and is configuring a restore method for his SQL Server. Gary would like to use a command to ensure that the backup operation verifies each page for checksum and torn page and for the entire backup.
What command should Gary use?
Answer: C

Q: 8
You work as a Project Manager for Inc. You have been assigned the task to manage a project in order to streamline business processes. You need to prepare a resource estimate required to complete the project in six months or less. The executives want to know how many resources you will need and the skill sets each resource must possess. You have constructed a task list and linked the tasks to create a schedule. What should you do next to prepare the estimate?
A. You should open the Assign Resources dialog box. For each task in the project, search for resources by Resource Breakdown Structure codes and assign them to tasks.
B. You should create generic resources for each set of skills the project requires and assign generic resources to all the tasks.
C. You should assign specific resources to your project tasks. Then, generate a resource report that specifies the number of resources you need based on their Resource Breakdown Structure codes.
D. For all the resources you create in your Project file, in the Booking Type drop-down list, choose Proposed.
Answer: B

Q: 9
You work as a Project Manager for Inc. You along with your team need to level project resources. One of your team members is concerned about which project he should work on first. Which of the following attributes of the projects will determine which project your team should work on first when resource leveling is done?
A. It depends upon the tasks that require the project manager to work on the critical path.
B. It depends upon the project with the nearest defined milestone.
C. It depends upon the project manager's determination.
D. It depends upon the project with the highest project priority set.
Answer: D

Q: 10
There are three primary baselines in a project. Which one of the following is NOT a baseline that can be captured in Microsoft Project Server?
A. Schedule
B. Cost
C. Quality
D. Scope
Answer: C

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