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Microsoft MB5-292 Exam -

Free MB5-292 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following record types CANNOT be created when using the Store Setup Wizard in Microsoft Point of Sale Manager? (Choose the 2 that apply)
Answer: B, D

2.Employee roles restrict access to what?(Choose the 2 that apply)
A:Confidential information.
B:Windows games.
C:The Internet.
D:Features in Microsoft Point of Sale.
Answer: A, D

3.Before you can ring up a sale, tender types must be set up where?
A: In the Tender window.
B: In Manager.
C: In the Options dialog box.
D: None of the above.
Answer: B

4.Which Point of Sale peripheral device should you configure if you wish to maintain an electronic copy of each customer's signature for credit card transactions?
A: Scanner
B: Receipt Printer
C: Signature Capture
D: Touch Screen
Answer: C

5.When can you void a transaction?
A: Any time.
B: While the transaction is in an open batch.
C: While the transaction is in progress.
D: When a transaction is in a closed batch.
Answer: B

6.Employee passwords must meet the criteria set forth by what?
A: The requirements setup within Microsoft Point of Sale Manager
B: The requirements contained in the local Windows Security Policy
C: The requirements selected during installation of Microsoft Point of Sale
D: There are no password requirements for Employee passwords
Answer: B

7.When creating a purchase order manually, where can you enter the quantity that you want to order? (Choose the 2 that apply)
A:In the Count column in the Add Items dialog box.
B:In the Order Qty. column on the Items tab.
C:In the Item Number column on the Items tab.
D:In the Quantity field in the Item window.
Answer: A, B

8.What file formats can be imported into Microsoft Point of Sale using the Import Wizard? (check the 3 that apply)
A:Tab delimited
B:Comma delimited
Answer: A, B, C

9.Perform a cash drop when you want to:
A: Make change for a customer.
B: Pay a miscellaneous expense.
C: Reduce the amount of cash in the drawer.
D: None of the above.
Answer: C

10.Your store has experienced excessive inventory shrinkage in the past year. You would like to compare the actual number of goods you have on hand versus what is recorded in Microsoft Point of Sale, and print a report showing these discrepencies. Which process should you perform in Point of Sale Manager?
A: Inventory Wizard
B: Inventory Transfer In
C: Inventory Transfer Out
D: Physical Inventory
Answer: D

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