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Microsoft MB4-643 Exam -

Free MB4-643 Sample Questions:

1. At what level are Physical Attribute Definitions such as Style, Size, and Color defined?
A. ABC Codes
B. Product Lines
C. Movement Classes
D. Product Classes
Answer: D

2. At which level of detail is the average cost found when cost of goods sold is calculated for the sales of average cost items?
A. Inventory Site
B. Inventory Item
C. Warehouse Bin Location
D. The value in the Cost of Goods Sold Subaccount Source field in the IN Setup screen.
Answer: A

3. A customer has run the Update Standard Costs from Pending process to revalue the inventory based on the new standard cost values. Which of the following Inventory screens can be used to view the batch that is created by this process?
A. Issues
B. Receipts
C. Adjustments
D. Standard Cost Preview
Answer: C

4. A customer is using the Inventory and the Order Management modules. What kinds of documents can the client enter directly into the Inventory Issues screen? (choose more than two)
A. Issue
B. Return
C. Invoice
D. Debit Memo
Answer: A, B

5. When adjustments are made in the Adjustments screen in the Inventory module, which of the following inventory item valuation methods require a receipt number to be entered? (choose more than one)
C. Average
D. User-Specified
Answer: A, B

6. In the Inventory module, which feature can be used to set up the part numbers of the manufacturers to streamline the entry of Purchase Orders and Sales Orders?
A. Reason Codes
B. Product Classes
C. Item Cross Reference
D. Product Class Cross Reference
Answer: C

7. A company receives goods to a particular location in order to inspect the goods before the items can be sold.
A. Mark No Sales Allowed for the product line
B. Mark No Sales Allowed for the product class
C. Mark No Sales Allowed for the inventory site
D. Mark No Sales Allowed for the warehouse bin location
Answer: D

8. When you enter a Receipt, which inventory valuation method does not require the entry of the item’s cost?
C. Standard Cost
D. Average Cost
Answer: C

9. In order to calculate standard cost variances for kits, which of the following must be set up or must occur? (choose more than one)
A. The kit has to be a stock kit
B. The kit item must use the average cost valuation method
C. The kit item must use the standard cost valuation method
D. The kit's standard cost does not equal the sum of the cost of the components
Answer: A, C, D

10. Which inventory valuation method is used to maintain cost layers for items based on receipt table?
B. Average Cost
C. User-Specified Cost
D. Specific Identification
Answer: A

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