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Microsoft MB4-641 Exam -

Free MB4-641 Sample Questions:

1. Users will be connected to two databases, an application and system database as soon as they selects a company from the Logon screen. What king of information is contained in the System Database? (choose more than one)
A. Customizations
B. Users and Groups
C. Product Registration
D. Accounting Information
Answer: A, B, C

2. In order to ensure the Microsoft Dynamics SL Kernel to be able to manage records in the database, data must be broken into logically related groups. What term is used to refer to these groups?
A. levels
B. data groups
C. logical groups
D. related records
Answer: A

3. In order to contain the data controls and grid controls for a detail level, what king of container object must be used?
A. SAF Container control
B. A container object is not required
C. Any container type control can be used
D. Standard Visual Basic Group Box control
Answer: D

4. Sometimes data displayed in a filed on a window will appear in a different format than what is shown when viewed directly form the database. What property or properties can be checked and changed so that the data is converted and displayed with the correct format? (choose more than one)
A. Tag
B. Mask
C. Fieldname
D. Fieldclass
Answer: B, D

5. Which property of a control is used to tell the kernel that it is a key field?
A. tag
B. level
C. DBNav
D. default
Answer: B

6. When you work with a spreadsheet control, what is true?
A. It must be put into a container.
B. It must be the same size as the container.
C. The Kernel will format the control at run time.
D. The name property of the spreadsheet control must match the name that is used in the DetailSetup call.
Answer: A, C, D

7. In what conditions would a SetAddr call be required? (choose more than one)
A. If controls for displaying and updating fields of the buffer are needed.
B. If you want to expose the variable for access through Record Maintenance.
C. If you want to expose the variable for access through Customization Manager.
D. If the Microsoft Dynamics SL Kernel will be responsible for managing the buffer as the primary table for a level.
Answer: A, C, D

8. You're creating a Tools for Visual Basic program, what are the main steps for doing this? (choose more than one)
A. Create certain required objects in the database such as Tables, indexes and procedures.
B. Set security so that users have access to programs created by using Tools for Visual Basic.
C. Write your program by using Visual Basic and Microsoft Dynamics SL Tools for Visual Basic.
D. Set up a development environment that uses a directory to hold the files for your projects.
Answer: A, C, D

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