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Microsoft MB4-640 Exam -

Free MB4-640 Sample Questions:

1. What tells you the control type when you look at the Properties window for a control on a screen?
A. Name property
B. FieldName property
C. ControlType property
D. Object Name and Control field at the top of the Properties window
Answer: D

2. Which of the following controls are typically bound to database fields? (choose more than one)
A. Frame
B. Button
C. Text box
D. Combo box
Answer: C, D

3. At which level can Customizations be created? (Choose more than one)
A. Self
B. Standard
C. One Group
D. All Users
Answer: A, C, D

4. As for controls that will be displayed as columns in a grid, what determines which control will be the left most column?
A. The first field that is put on the panel.
B. The control on the panel with the lowest TabIndex value.
C. The control on the panel with the lowest ColumnIndex property value.
D. The field that is physically closest to the upper-left corner of the panel.
Answer: B

5. What should you do to identify what properties have been modified for an object? (select more than one)
A. Use the Customized Property Browser window.
B. Export customization and review the file that is created.
C. When in Customize mode the control has an asterisk next to it.
D. Use Query Analyzer to examine the customization record in the CustomVBA table.
Answer: A, B

6. In a screen, how can you select an object? (choose more than one)
A. You can left click the object to give it focus.
B. You can select the object from the Object Name and Control field at the top of Properties window.
C. You can select the object from the list of objects on the customization menu on the Microsoft Dynamics SL toolbar.
D. You can type the object name in the Name property field, when you leave the field the properties window will switch to that control.
Answer: A, B

7. Which table in the database houses screen customizations?
A. CustomVBA table in the System database
B. CustomVBA table in the Application database
C. Custom2 table in the Application database
D. CustomVBA and the Custom2 tables in the System database.
Answer: D

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