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Microsoft MB4-212 Exam -

Free MB4-212 Sample Questions:

1.Good implementation policies recommend a "pre-installation" process. Which of the following should be included in a pre-installation process?
A:You can optionally activate Microsoft SQL Server's referential integrity capabilities to extend the referential integrity capabilities of Solomon.
B:Protect the data of any current accounting software that Solomon is replacing.
C:Verify adequate hardware and software resources to run Solomon.
D:Obtain the tools and resources used before, during and after the installation of Solomon program files.
Answer: B, C, D

2.How many times can you access Solomon while it is in TrialLoc mode before the system will require registration keys to continue using the product?
A: 25
B: 20
C: 10
D: 5
Answer: B

3.When consulting with a customer in regard to needed hard disk space for Solomon databases, which of the following responses would you choose?
A: A typical system and application database together will not require more than 100 MBs
B: A typical system and application database together will require a minimum of 1 GB required
C: A typical system and application database together need anywhere from 30 GBs to several hundred GBs
D: A typical system and application database together need anywhere from 300 MBs to several GBs
Answer: D

4.Which of the following situations would prompt you to run a module integrity check?
A:Customer balance in Customer Maintenance does not match the total of documents on the Customer Trial Balance Report
B:Accounts Receivables history does not correspond to documents
C:Users receive an error when they attempt to open an Accounts Receivable screen
D:Un-released Accounts Payables batches are not showing the vendor history
Answer: A, B

5.Which of the following statements are true with regard to backing-up Solomon program and data files?
A:The System and the Application databases should be backed-up on a daily basis..
B:The Solomon\Usr_Rpts directory should be backed-up whenever a report is customized.
C:Program files can be backed-up but it is not absolutely necessary as they may also be reinstalled from the CD-ROM.
D:It is only necessary to backup application databases.
Answer: A, B, C

6.Which of the following is NOT maintained in the Solomon event log?
A: Process and user IDs
B: Corrective actions for events with errors
C: Process execution date
D: Log view date
Answer: B

7.Which of the following methods efficiently duplicates frequently used data in Solomon screens?
A: Alt-Print Screen
B: Templates
C: Control-Print Screen
D: Tabs
Answer: B

8.How do you change the password for the Master user?
A: Use Microsoft Enterprise Manager to change the password for the Master Login.
B: Log into Solomon as Sysadmin and then open the Change Password screen on the Utility menu.
C: Open the Database Administration screen and change the password on the line with a blank Database Name field.
D: Master's password can not be changed after it is set during the initial creation of the database.
Answer: C

9.Which of the following is listed in the correct order from lowest to highest of system security levels?
A: Solomon security, Network security, Microsoft SQL Server security
B: Network security, Solomon security, Microsoft SQL Server security
C: Network Security, Microsoft SQL Server security, Solomon security
D: There is no "order"; all security functions are at the same level
Answer: C

10.When you start the Solomon Setup program, which action does Setup perform automatically?
A: Shut down any other currently running Windows applications
B: Determine whether or not the server needs a newer version of OLE
C: Detect whether or not Microsoft SQL Server is installed and prompt you to install it if it is not
D: Open the Welcome window on first-time installations; open the Select Solomon
Answer: B

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