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Microsoft MB3-859 Exam -

Free MB3-859 Sample Questions:

1. Northwind Traders created their budget in Microsoft Excel. What is the most efficient way to populate budget values in Microsoft Dynamics GP?
A.Import the budget using the Budget Wizard for Excel.
B.Enter the budget amount by posting a budget transaction.
C.Create an ODBC connect to the Microsoft Excel budget file and import the file using the budget import tool.
D.Use the Single-Account Budget Maintenance window and enter the amounts for each account and period.
Answer: A

2. What are the benefits of using National Accounts?
Choose the 2 that apply.
A.Parent customers are not setup as a Customer in the Customer Maintenance.
B.Parent customers can process cash receipts on behalf of their child customer.
C.Deleting a national account deletes and removes history on the parent customer andits child customer.
D.Both parent customer and child customer retain their own demographic and sales summary information.
Answer: BD

3. What is the Payables Transaction document date?
A.The date the transaction is due.
B.The date the transaction is posted in General Ledger.
C.The system date the transaction was posted on.
D.The date the transaction is posted in Payables Management.

4. What are the necessary components for setting up taxes?
Choose the 2 that apply.
A.Tax Details
B.Tax Definitions
C.Tax Schedules
D.Tax Formulas
Answer: AC

5. A user only accesses two windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP. What can be done so the user can quickly access these two windows?
Choose the 2 that apply.
A.Customize the tool bar to include only those windows.
B.Add a shortcut to those windows on the Navigation Pane.
C.Create a new security role for the user which allows access to only those two windows.
D.Edit the users Dex.ini file to only open those two windows when Microsoft Dynamics GP is launched.
Answer: AB

6. What is contained in the Dynamics.set file?
A.Dexterity code used to launch Microsoft Dynamics GP
B.Parameters needed to launch Microsoft Dynamics GP
C.Products installed and reports and forms dictionary locations
D.Location path to the Dynamics.exe file
Answer: C

7. On a report options window, what field must be populated to generate a report?
A.File Location
Answer: B

8. What is the keyboard equivalent for the lookup window?
A.Fn + L
B.Alt + L
C.Shift + L
D.Ctrl +L
Answer: D

9. A user needs to add information explaining the reason for a general journal entry. What type of note should be attached to the entry?
A.Window level note
B.Master record note
C.Record level note
D.Field level note
Answer: C

10. Where can a user set the option to view Microsoft Office Outlook calendar appointments in Microsoft Dynamics GP?
A.Customize Home Page
B.Navigation Pane Options
C.User Security
D.User Preferences
Answer: A

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